Month: May 2020

Produced by Karen Toliver and directed by NFL wide-receiver Matthew Cherry, this week’s animated short film was funded through Kickstarter, debuted on YouTube, made its theatrical debut in front of Angry Birds 2 in 2019, and won an Oscar for best animated short film in 2020. Not your typical trajectory for an Oscar-winner. A short film for [...]

We have been finding new ways of achieving our mission and providing ways to connect you to the art of film (and hopefully provide a welcome escape) while you’re at home — and we have more in store! But first — we need your feedback on how we’re doing and what you’d like to see moving forward. We’ve put [...]

On Monday we shared tips for conducting a successful documentary interview. Today we have a great example for you — this documentary profile video won an NY Emmy Award for Best Arts Segment. As a digital media piece created for the web, close-up images were used for their ease of visibility on a smartphone’s smaller screen. [...]

Last week TPH at Home launched a documentary series in partnership with Magnolia. (This week’s film is RBG with exclusive access to a Q&A with the film’s directors.) In keeping with that theme, we’re sharing a couple of great links for budding documentary filmmakers. Our documentary filmmaking classes are perennial favorites among middle and high [...]

We’re excited to share the Spring 2020 edition of The Big Picture with you. It has been a very eventful year so far as the newsletter shows. Take a look back at Marquee Night — and a look at our present with all of our TPH at Home offerings.  Spring 2020 Edition of The Big Picture [...]

On Monday we shared a link to a video highlighting the work (and team work!) that goes on behind the scenes to create special effects for Marvel movies. Keeping with that theme, today we are sharing two short films that demonstrate exceptional and creative use of special effects. The first, Superman with a GoPro, is [...]

If you’re a fan of the Marvel movies, or just interested in special effects in general, check out this behind-the-scenes video. This is a compilation of raw cuts from various Marvel movie sets where you really get to see the incredible amount of work (and teamwork) that goes into building those films.  If this link inspires [...]

On Monday we shared a link to a video about using common household items to make cool film effects. This week’s featured short film is brought to you by a professional puppeteer and other artists living in their apartment in New York City who wanted to create something positive together. It’s another great example of [...]

If you have budding filmmakers at home (or maybe that’s you!), check out this link for cool camera shots you can get using an iphone and regular household items. Fun inspiration for experimenting!If this link inspires you to create, we’d love to hear from you! Please email or post on Instagram and Facebook and tag #TPHatHome. [...]