Month: June 2020

Hello Picture House Community, For this final week of TPH at Home, we wanted to share a visually stunning reminder of where we’ve been as a New York community over the last few months. Some of you may have seen this video before, but it’s worth another look, especially from a filmmaking perspective. How were [...]

Hello Picture House Community, While we all celebrate our graduates and begin to think about spending more time outdoors in our parks and at our beaches, I thought I would share with you a recommendation from the 5th grade graduate in our house, Finn. It’s another beautifully animated film brought to you by the CG [...]

This week, we’re sharing an animated short film for all ages about a boy’s heart that puts him at risk for revealing his secret crush. This film is about love and trust and fear and courage – universal themes all beautifully captured in just four minutes. Created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, who started [...]

This week, we wanted to share with you this inspiring, three-minute interview with Thais Francis, a young actress, writer, and director. This is an especially good watch for young people thinking about making a career in the arts. She says, “If I don’t tell my story, who will?” We love her positive, proactive approach to [...]

On Monday, we shared a film recommendation by one of our high school students, who had a desire to share inspirational stories. Student voices are important to us, so today, we’re sharing a video that was made by our students from the New Rochelle Boys and Girls Club in 2017. The video is a product [...]