Month: August 2020

Wherever Your Imagination Takes You Our final Summer Film Challenge asks you to draw inspiration from previous challenges. We can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you!  What You’ll Need1.     iPhone, iPad, or any camera of your choice. iMovie editing app (free to download) or editing software of your choice.   2.     An idea!  Challenge Rules In this [...]

Low Budget, Big Effect This week we’re challenging budding filmmakers to be creative AND resourceful — you don’t need a big budget to get Hollywood effects. Summer Challenge #5 asks you to make a short video using simple household items and DIY engineering.What You’ll Need Any camera, iPhone, or iPad.  iMovie app (free to download) [...]

Documentary Filmmaking — Stories from Quarantine This week we’re asking you to hone your storytelling skills by making a documentary video about the quarantine experience. Focus your lens on yourself or a family member or friend to share a real life story from this historic moment in time. Summer Challenge #4 can be enjoyed by [...]

Fast Forward This week’s Summer Film Challenge asks you to capture and reveal a process that would normally appear slow and subtle to the human eye. Like all of our challenges, Fast Forward is tailored to kids in grades K-5 but can be enjoyed by filmmaking students of all ages. What You’ll Need 1.     iPhone or iPad with [...]