Month: May 2021

After a year of delays and setbacks, Hollywood is ready to roar back to the big screen. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and with it comes parades, barbecues with family and friends, excursions to the beach or pool (if you’re lucky), and for those of us who love movies, the anticipation of [...]

There is a great deal of good news in the movie business these days. Restrictions are lifting, more great movies are becoming available, and The Picture House has a brand-new HVAC system in the Main Hall!  It’s cool! It’s quiet! It’s MERV-13 filtered! It’s destined to be our blockbuster hit of the season!  But, fabulous air [...]

“Embrace those moments when you think you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time … There are so many great stories yet to be told.” — Bird Runningwater At the Picture House’s centennial kick-off celebration, Marquee Night 2021, we were joined by a remarkable slate of impressive honorees and industry luminaries including our Industry Impact Award-winner, [...]

Just like the myriad types of moms we celebrate today, there’s an equal number of movies that evoke feelings, remind us of an important relationship, inspire, delight, or challenge us. Here are some of our Picture House staff’s Mother’s Day picks.  Let us know your Mother’s Day film favorites. Comment on social or email us [...]