Month: January 2022

Our dreams don’t always turn out the way we imagine. Ever since the Picture House Regional Film Center was a twinkle in the eyes of its founders and early supporters, expansion has been the goal, the big dream. It has, at various times, taken shape differently — from an impressive towering glass dream, to a [...]

Big things have been happening at The Picture House, and it was thrilling to finally share details about our new ambassador program with you last week. To catch you up if you missed it, we’re launching a program that will extend TPH’s reach by working with people who love film and want to see our [...]

This week we recognize both MLK Jr Day of Service tomorrow and the National Day of Racial Healing on Tuesday, January 18. As a film center, we believe in the power of film to prompt necessary — sometimes difficult — conversations and inspire community engagement. To honor these two days, we spoke with filmmaker and [...]

Spider-Man is swinging over to The Picture House! The latest Marvel film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, has been an enormous hit with both audiences and critics: calls it “spry, inventive, and just purely entertaining,” and over at Entertainment Weekly they say the film is “tender and funny and a little bit devastating.” This is [...]

This “new” year is not just about changing the date when you write a check (if you still write checks), it’s about wondering what new and unexpected things will occur, what normal will look like, how to navigate these strange seas. BUT a new year also carries hope and all the possibilities a new beginning [...]