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A Thank You from Laura deBuys

by Laura deBuys

As many of you know, after nine and a half years, I am exiting as Executive Director of The Picture House. I wanted to take this moment to thank you all for the wisdom, effort, and support you have given me and TPH along the way.

We have been through a lot together! The beginning of The Picture House Film Club, now with 30 seasons and 180 films in the rearview mirror; a pandemic that led to new online connections with our community; a new home in Bronxville; Picnics, Marquee Nights, a Centennial, Party on Kraft, and now the Voice & Vision Film Festival; special events and guests; and our community gathering through thick and thin. It has been a joy and an honor.

What’s coming is even better! There are more creative and innovative programs ahead. Clayton Bushong and our wonderful Board of Directors will lead the way and the community of support we have built in Westchester will continue to strengthen in support of our mission and our vision:

Moving into its third decade, The Picture House Regional Film Center will continue to evolve into a cultural center of excellence — providing safe, welcoming spaces for creativity, curiosity, and can’t-miss moments. Embracing film and the arts’ dynamic future, we’ll build connections between artists and audiences, building community through community. With the best movies, talks, classes, concerts, and workshops for all ages, TPH will deepen the discourse, raise new voices, and broaden horizons for generations to come.

I can’t wait to be with you in the audience as we experience what’s to come!