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On Thursday, Oct. 13, The Picture House Pelham is hosting a one-night-only screening of the documentary Cured, a vital look into a little-known part of LGBTQIA history — the fight to have homosexuality removed from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental illnesses.   Producer Patrick Sammon will be attendance for a Q&A following the [...]

So, what do you want to see tonight? At my home, that’s a fairly casual question, and often a spontaneous decision. For Film Club, though, a lot more planning is needed. First, what’s available? In the NY area, there are often anywhere from five to a dozen movies opening during any given week. But which [...]

I will never forget the first time I saw Uma Thurman.  It was 1997: a summer I spent the majority of wearing bell bottom jeans and playing Pokémon Red. My life revolved around pool club, Toni Braxton’s “Un-Break My Heart,” and the Dear America series, hands perma-stained with blue ice pop, forever belting out pop [...]

From the rainbow feather boas to the flags draped as capes to the glittery tutus, Pride season screams for self-expression. It’s a moment to be fully queer and celebrated, whether you’re flaunting your sparkle at parades and parties, or calling up loved ones to cheer them on for being themselves. As a trans person, it’s [...]

I was a late bloomer. At 27, over the course of a pressure-cooker summer, I fell in love with a guy for the first time and eventually came out. The experience later became the basis for my memoir Out East. People often ask, what’s it like baring your soul in book form? The honest answer: [...]

Just like the myriad types of moms we celebrate today, there’s an equal number of movies that evoke feelings, remind us of an important relationship, inspire, delight, or challenge us. Here are some of our Picture House staff’s Mother’s Day picks.  Let us know your Mother’s Day film favorites. Comment on social or email us [...]

To help you get prepared for Earth Day on April 22, Picture House Director of Programming Clayton Bushong put together this Top Ten List of Movies to Celebrate Earth Day. These films are available on a variety of streaming services. There’s something for everyone, so forward this to friends and family and let us know [...]

Securing a bright future of movies and more for the next 100 years. Last night, we officially kicked off our theater’s centennial with Marquee Night – a virtual celebration of film lovers and supporters coming together online to commemorate this most meaningful milestone. We paid tribute to five remarkable honorees, Marshall Fine, Cynthia Erivo, Bird [...]

Tonight is music’s night as the red carpet is rolled out for the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.  Just like the best duets, music and the movies have been harmonizing since the very first films came to life on screen. Even silent films had a soundtrack. Think about it — what would The Godfather be without the haunting overture, [...]

We are turning the corner into March 2021 – a truly momentous month for The Picture House.  Two huge milestones are on the road ahead – the beginning of our Centennial Celebrations… and the reopening of the theater after 51 weeks of idle projectors and unlit screens! Our Centennial begins at the tail end of [...]