Author: Laura deBuys

My friends in the Southwest say they miss fall with its changing colors. And then I have friends who define themselves as summer people or winter people. My season is Awards Season — the time every year when there’s a renewed focus on film — the stars, the scandals, and, most of all, the magic. [...]

At The Picture House, our mission guides our decisions, and that mission focuses on three areas: Film, Education, and Community. It’s not just the movies (just look at the back of our staff t-shirts)! It’s The Movies. And More. The 2022 holiday season was a clear example of this, from an interactive, book-based event with [...]

The economics of all nonprofits are different, and the economics of a nonprofit movie theater is a world unto itself. Few people understand that when they pay $10 for a movie ticket we have to send as much as $6.50 back to the movie distributor, leaving us with precious little for general operations, much less [...]

There are few certainties in life, but one certainty at The Picture House Regional Film Center is that we are powered by community. Both theaters – The Picture House Pelham and The Picture House Bronxville – are important fixtures in their respective villages and also throughout southern Westchester. Granted, we’ve only been in operation at [...]

With our Centennial behind us and programming in full swing at Bronxville and Pelham, this fall will be a time for reviving old traditions and inaugurating new ones. You may have seen a Save the Date or two come through your email recently. I hope you have duly marked your calendars! Picnic in the Park [...]

We talk about the Picture House mission having three focus areas: film, education, and community. At the core of that community are our members. Our members come from all over Westchester, from the Bronx, and a few brave and dedicated souls from the further reaches of New York City, the Hudson Valley, and Connecticut. Their [...]

Nearly 300 people gathered at the Glen Island Harbour Club on March 11 for the final event in a year of centennial celebrations for The Picture House Regional Film Center. We knew at the outset that we’d be celebrating the 100th birthday of The Picture House in Pelham… little did we know that our final [...]

Have I mentioned it’s our Centennial? Our centennial year began in March of 2021 with a virtual event in honor of the 100th birthday of the 1921 Pelham theater. And now, after a year of challenge and surprise, we are weeks away from the final centennial event — a celebration of TWO theaters born in [...]

Our dreams don’t always turn out the way we imagine. Ever since the Picture House Regional Film Center was a twinkle in the eyes of its founders and early supporters, expansion has been the goal, the big dream. It has, at various times, taken shape differently — from an impressive towering glass dream, to a [...]

This “new” year is not just about changing the date when you write a check (if you still write checks), it’s about wondering what new and unexpected things will occur, what normal will look like, how to navigate these strange seas. BUT a new year also carries hope and all the possibilities a new beginning [...]