Author: Laura deBuys

This “new” year is not just about changing the date when you write a check (if you still write checks), it’s about wondering what new and unexpected things will occur, what normal will look like, how to navigate these strange seas. BUT a new year also carries hope and all the possibilities a new beginning [...]

The Picture House turns 100 this year. And what a year (and more) it has been! Thanks to generous members and donors and several loans and grants, we have made it through the longest closure in our theater’s history. We are proud to welcome you safely back to the theater as we take all we [...]

Last Tuesday, The Picture House hosted an Olympic viewing party to watch Pelhamite Kate Douglass compete in the 200-meter individual medley. Kate’s race was at 10:45 pm, it was pretty late for a week night and we just weren’t sure anyone would come… At 9:00 pm, our theater started filling up with folks from all [...]

There is a great deal of good news in the movie business these days. Restrictions are lifting, more great movies are becoming available, and The Picture House has a brand-new HVAC system in the Main Hall!  It’s cool! It’s quiet! It’s MERV-13 filtered! It’s destined to be our blockbuster hit of the season!  But, fabulous air [...]

Last Saturday night, The Picture House annual fundraiser, Marquee Night, was live online! It was an evening of firsts – our first virtual event, the first event in our Centennial year, and the first time we’ve had the opportunity to let our leadership – The Picture House Board of Directors – talk directly to you [...]

Since being forced to close our theater nearly one year ago, one thing has been made brilliantly clear: it takes more than a village — it takes a nation to weather a pandemic. From the outset, The Picture House Board and staff have dug in and created new ways of delivering on our mission — [...]

Monday, January 18, 2021, is Martin Luther King Jr. Day – the only national holiday that is designated as a day of service. Many of us will be busy volunteering on projects that strengthen our communities, but if you have time at home and want to learn more about the legacy of Dr. King, the [...]

Here are some lessons from 2020: nothing is ever certain, nothing is guaranteed to go to plan, nothing is stronger than community.  The Picture House is a mature and stable nonprofit – but in the nonprofit world saying an organization is ‘stable’ has more to do with longevity and good governance than the ability to [...]

Last week at The Picture House Film Club with Marshall Fine, the topic was the first film produced by The Atlantic, White Noise. Our guest was director Daniel Lombroso, who, as a reporter for the Atlantic, spent four years reporting on and filming the alt-right. His stories of filming solo in groups of white supremacists were frightening (Lombroso is [...]

This time of the year we’re usually busy planning one of our favorite events of the year – Picnic in the Park. Coming together with old friends and new to celebrate film and community is something we look forward to all year. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, this year has been NO picnic.  [...]