Author: Sarah Soliman

On Tuesday, September 28th, Senior Cinema returns to The Picture House with The Eyes of Tammy Faye, starring Academy Award nominees Jessica Chastain and Andrew Garfield! The highly-popular program — made possible in part by a grant from ConEdison — offers seniors a free matinee on Tuesday afternoons, providing a great way to connect with [...]

Like the rest of our national holidays, Labor Day gives us a much-appreciated Monday off. It might be our most important reprieve from work, given that Labor Day honors the American worker, especially those who fought for the eight-hour work day and the creation of the weekend. So what better way to spend this hard-won [...]

Pig is probably not the movie you’re expecting it to be. A Nicolas Cage vehicle in which he plays a man out for revenge after his beloved pig is kidnapped seems like it’s going to be something we’ve seen before — a Taken (in which Liam Neeson’s daughter is abducted) or a John Wick (in [...]

Take a slow, deep breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Even close your eyes while you do it. The rest of this post will be here waiting when you’re done.  Are you feeling more relaxed?  Sunday, August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and, even if it hasn’t been the summer some of [...]

The Green Knight was one of spring 2020’s most anticipated films, scheduled to premiere at South by Southwest in mid-March followed by a May release. No need to tell you what happened next.  Director David Lowery used part of his time during the pandemic to recut The Green Knight, to step away from what he [...]

Disney’s newest thrill ride come to life is Jungle Cruise, an action-adventure film that sees Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson take a ride into the heart of the Amazon in search of a tree whose healing properties could revolutionize medicine. To find the tree they must face the dangers of the jungle and come up [...]

One of the most anticipated cinephile events of the year returned in full force this summer, after having to cancel in 2020. Cannes is back and having had to wait an additional year for this slate of films, we’re even more eager than usual to hear the buzz about (and of course eventually see) the [...]