Raffle Information

Raffle Information

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Welcome to the Raffle Information Page of the Ciclismo Classico Bike Travel Film Festival 

Check out the many fun prizes you could win by purchasing tickets for the Bike Travel Film Festival Raffle! The photo gallery below offers a glimpse.

How will the raffle work? There will be two levels of prizes– for either $10 or $20, purchase a sheet of 25 tickets plus a door prize ticket. (Purchase as many sheets in each category as you like.) Fill out the raffle form we’ll provide so that we’ll have a record of the ticket(s) you have purchased. Then, place your tickets in the containers provided for each prize you want to win. And be sure to hold onto your ticket stub for collecting any winnings.

What forms of payment will be accepted?You may purchase tickets with cash or personal check(s) only. You should make checks out to the event beneficiary(s) you wish to support through your ticket purchase — Adventure Cycling Association, East Coast Greenway Alliance, or EcoPel. If you wish to support more than one of these organizations, you can write separate checks for each.

When will I learn about what I’ve won?While you’re enjoying the film festival, we’ll select the winners for each prize. If your ticket is selected for any of the prizes, you’ll be able to check and collect the item(s) on your way out of the theater.

Must I be in present to win?Yes, you must be present. We’ve arranged the raffle prize selection so that you can get your prize on the evening of May 19. We will not mail prizes to winners. 

So what’s all this talk about great prizes?We’ve got many wonderful prizes, both cycling-related and from local businesses in Pelham, with over 50 items you could win. These include:A child’s bike, with bell, helmet, and water bottle

A folding bicycle helmet

Bike jerseys and other clothing, including a balaclava made from recycled cashmere

Bicycle saddles, handlebar ends, bike pumps/tubes and other gear

$200 wine basket

Pelham restaurant gift cards/certificates

Free session(s) with a professional trainer, massage therapist and photographer

And much, much more — see the photos below!

Who has provided these great prizes?We’re glad you asked. Our prize donors include Abus, Adventure Cycling Association, Aileen Dose Licensed Massage Therapist, Amedeo Fitness, Apothecary Muse, Bangkok City, Bikeflights.com, Bike Tube, Blue Dog  Wine and Spirits, Caffe Regatta, Cantina Lobos, Charles Fazzino, Ciclismo Classico, Danny’s Cycles, DaHanger, Deborah Lowery, DeFeet, East Coast Greenway Alliance, E-ko-logic, Environmental Coalition of the Pelhams, Ergon, Evelyn Hill Cycling, Kryptonite, La Fontanella,, Marcello’s, Morpher, Ortlieb, Planet ert, Revolution Cycle Jewelry, Sassy Cyclist, Sinewave Cycles, Sound Cyclists Bicycle Club, The Open Road Game, The Voracious Reader, Vespertine, Westchester Bike Camp, and Westchester Parks.

Can you tell me more about the beneficiaries of the fundraising?


Adventure CyclingAssociation is the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America and aims to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle. 

East Coast GreenwayAlliance is the nation’s longest connected biking and walking route, covering nearly 3,000 miles between Maine and Florida, and linking people to nature and communities along the Eastern Seaboard

EcoPel is a community organization established in 2013 that provides information and resources to aid in environmental initiatives that directly benefit the villages of Pelham and Pelham Manor.

Photo Gallery of some of the Raffle Prizes

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