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Can’t Help Falling in Love with Elvis

by Clayton Bushong

Elvis is back in the building at The Picture House — this time at the Pelham theater. And I’m going on the record to say that Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis is the best movie of the summer!

This movie has everything you’re looking for in great summer entertainment, and I hope that the momentum keeps going into awards season, because this one deserves a few for sure. If you’ve seen it already, I will say that like a great concert it is worth another viewing. If you have yet to see it, here is your chance. 

Austin Butler’s hip shaking and snarled lip portrayal of Elvis is spot on. The story line is perfect, and the use of music is unparalleled. Elvis didn’t write most (if any) of his songs, and the way Luhrmann rolls out the origins of most of the tunes he recorded and turned into universal hits is very well laid out. I must admit that when I saw the trailer, I was concerned about Tom Hanks pulling off the legendary Col Tom Parker, but you immediately get pulled into his con — convincing you that he is not the villain of the story.

Come get lost in this perfectly threaded real story starting this Friday at The Picture House Pelham.

Elvis is back in the building, but The Marquee is heading out for the rest of the summer. The blog will be taking a break in August. We’ll see you in September!