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Dear Picture House Community,  At The Picture House, we strive to bring film education programs to every community and provide access to the arts to anyone who wishes to participate. Since having to move online in March we’ve worked hard to come up with new and creative ways to connect with our students. And today, [...]

Documentary Filmmaking — Stories from Quarantine This week we’re asking you to hone your storytelling skills by making a documentary video about the quarantine experience. Focus your lens on yourself or a family member or friend to share a real life story from this historic moment in time. Summer Challenge #4 can be enjoyed by [...]

Fast Forward This week’s Summer Film Challenge asks you to capture and reveal a process that would normally appear slow and subtle to the human eye. Like all of our challenges, Fast Forward is tailored to kids in grades K-5 but can be enjoyed by filmmaking students of all ages. What You’ll Need 1.     iPhone or iPad with [...]

This week’s Summer Film Challenge dares you to let your creativity lead the way as you put your own spin on a favorite movie scene. Like all of our challenges, Your Favorite, Your Way is tailored to kids in grades K-5 but can be enjoyed by filmmaking students of all ages who want to put their imaginations [...]

Stop Motion Animation: BEAT THE HEAT Today we’re excited to launch the first of our Summer Film Challenges. The weekly filmmaking contests are tailored to kids in grades K-5 but can be enjoyed by filmmaking students of all ages who want to put their imaginations to the test! What You’ll Need iPad or iPhone with [...]

Hello Picture House Community, For this final week of TPH at Home, we wanted to share a visually stunning reminder of where we’ve been as a New York community over the last few months. Some of you may have seen this video before, but it’s worth another look, especially from a filmmaking perspective. How were [...]

Hello Picture House Community, While we all celebrate our graduates and begin to think about spending more time outdoors in our parks and at our beaches, I thought I would share with you a recommendation from the 5th grade graduate in our house, Finn. It’s another beautifully animated film brought to you by the CG [...]

This week, we’re sharing an animated short film for all ages about a boy’s heart that puts him at risk for revealing his secret crush. This film is about love and trust and fear and courage – universal themes all beautifully captured in just four minutes. Created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo, who started [...]

This week, we wanted to share with you this inspiring, three-minute interview with Thais Francis, a young actress, writer, and director. This is an especially good watch for young people thinking about making a career in the arts. She says, “If I don’t tell my story, who will?” We love her positive, proactive approach to [...]

On Monday, we shared a film recommendation by one of our high school students, who had a desire to share inspirational stories. Student voices are important to us, so today, we’re sharing a video that was made by our students from the New Rochelle Boys and Girls Club in 2017. The video is a product [...]