Second Century Campaign

November 10, 2021
March 18, 2021

The Picture House Second Century Campaign – securing a bright future for movies and more for the next 100 years.

Since 1921, through all of life’s ups and downs and inevitable changes in our world, The Picture House has brought our communities together through film, ideas, and entertainment.

Over the years our impact has broadened both geographically and through our diverse programming. Today we offer arts education programs at the theater, online, and in schools across the county. We show films that entertain, films that inspire, movies that matter. Future filmmakers thrive here; our stage is alive with concerts and improv, and so much more. Undeniably, The Picture House has made Westchester a region where the arts are a driver of economic development and social connection.

Big anniversaries like centennials are not only cause for great celebration but they also give us time to reflect on the past, while looking forward to the promise of more to come. As we celebrate the journey to this milestone we also pause to contemplate how to secure a path to the next 100 years of fulfilling our mission— of bringing people together around art and ideas, forging bonds, building community, enjoying the arts and each other.

It is clear that stability and sustainability require preparation for the unexpected – like a pandemic. Moving into our next century we’ll be focused on strengthening the systems and planning that provide resilience to the organization – and in order to provide financial resilience, we’re initiating the Second Century Campaign. Funds raised through this campaign will provide an operating cushion for The Picture House. We could so easily have been a casualty of the 2020 pandemic. We musn’t let ourselves be that vulnerable again.

Together, through the support of our Second Century Campaign, we can ensure that our screens stay bright, our stages and classrooms buzz with excitement, and our iconic neon remains a beacon for the next 100 years and beyond.

Won’t you join us?