Celebrating one common goal.

Since 1921­— through peacetime and wartime, booms and busts, all of life’s ups and downs—The Picture House has brought our communities together through film, ideas, and entertainment.

Our ONE COMMON GOAL for the future is to continue to enrich our community’s quality of life with art, impact, and continued growth. Together, through the support of our Second Century Campaign, we can ensure that our screens stay bright, our stages and classrooms buzz with excitement, and our iconic neon remains a beacon for the next 100 years and beyond.

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What does it take to make a century possible?

We’ve learned over the last century that leadership, planning, and flexibility are key to managing through changes in the industry, in the world, and in the needs of our community.

Over the last decade, we have focused greatly on organizational strength – the Picture House Board of Directors is an engaged and active governing body; in the last decade the professional staff have doubled our audience, revenues, and programming. Our cash flow and credit are such that we can manage through most eventualities.. BUT, the stark fact remains that we are doing the organizational equivalent of living paycheck to paycheck. If we had not had an exceptionally successful fundraiser just days before we closed due to the pandemic, we would not have survived. Marquee Night 2020 provided the necessary cash on hand for us to manage through several months while we pivoted programming, cut expenses, and applied for aid.

So the lessons of the past have taught us that an operating cushion is the key to the flexibility we need to be viable through our next century. And that is what the Second Century Campaign is all about!

Picture House Economics

We’re frequently asked: “You charge money for tickets, why do you need to fundraise?”

 Good question! If you’re not an industry insider, you may not know how slim the margins are in the movie business – or where your ticket $$ go!

Ultimately, we are mission-driven which means that decisions are based on what the community needs, not what will make the most money. You’ll see that reflected in  our choice of films and in our grant and donor funded education programs in Westchester’s most under-resourced public schools.

“The Picture House is so much more than a beautiful community theater to enjoy watching movies in. It’s a destination for creativity. When you support The Picture House, think beyond the screen. Imagine the young people who are coming to it to explore their passion, receive arts education and make lifelong memories that build their confidence and strength.”

Dale Hisiger, 2019 Harold Lloyd Commitment to Community Awardee

The Picture House Second Century Campaign

From March 2021 through March 2022, we’ll raise $100,000 from donations. (Look at the Campaign Meter to the right so see how far we’ve already come!) 

Donations can be as small as a dollar – or as large as you want! Reaching our goal will give us the ability to endure the unexpected for a few month – and will give us a strong base to build on for years to come.

Our Goal 51%

Second Century Circle

(in formation)

Barbara and Arthur Bratone

Rachel and John Cahill

Ellen and Michael Chandler

Kathy and Michael Corton

Laura deBuys

Ally and Parker Drew

Beth Fouhy and Joe Marty

Ricki Fisher and Will Cavanagh

Kit and Peter Meyer

Judith Fishlow and Mark Minter

Ricki Gardner and William Cavanagh

Erik and Jennifer Hellum

Robert M. Kern

Norma and Robert Landis

Katy and Nick Loria

James and Missy Palmisciano

Kate Pringle and John McCormick

Jeanne and David Radvany

Berry and John Ravitz

Anne Sweazey

Leah and Christopher Tahbaz