Celebrating one future.

The second century for The Picture House doesn’t break with the past, it builds on it. 

Our vision of the future is one of continual connection; film, education, and unique cultural offerings that bring our diverse community together, within and without our historic walls. 

What You’ll See

Future Picture House programming will stay ahead of the curve, with an eye on the next best thing in cinema — and on our community’s wants and needs.


Online and off, big and small. As always, we’ll continue to curate the best of the best, but we’ll also find innovative ways to provide the viewing experience you expect in 21st century cinemas.


We’ll continue our work in area schools, providing access to arts education in districts across the county and we’ll welcome students of all ages to camps and classes in our historic theater.

Education online

Our online offerings have significantly expanded our reach and will grow and thrive. We’ve enjoyed reaching a wider audience and drawing in experts from near and far and know that some virtual experiences are here to stay.


Local community organizations have come to know us as a trusted partner, helping to amplify important issues through the power of film. We’ll seek out new partnerships, deepen the relationships we have, and continue to build meaningful connections throughout Westchester and beyond.


Concerts, plays, spoken word, panels – in our second century we are still your theater bringing you the wide range of offerings you want and deserve!

A Picture House For Tomorrow

As we build on the foundation of our first 100 years, we know that additional spaces are essential in order to fulfill our mission. They are also essential in today’s nonprofit movie theater landscape where only theaters with multiple screens can compete effectively for access to films, stars, and audiences.

So while we look to expansion on the horizon, we will be improving the spaces we do have. In 2021-22 The Picture House will replace our entire HVAC system with a more efficient and effective system, with improved filtration and air quality control. We also plan to install the latest technology for assistive listening and closed captioning and, as our digital projector is nearing the end of its life, we will be soon be replacing it, thanks in part to a matching grant from the New York Council on the Arts.

“However films do their work — create their magic — they do so because of other people: making movies is a social act and so is moviegoing. And while you can watch them sitting alone on your couch, there is something qualitatively different about going to a designated space and sitting, and staying, in the enveloping dark with a lot of people you don’t know and maybe some you do. It is an exquisite, human thing to sit with all those other souls, to be alone with others.”

Manohla Dargis, New York Times Film Critic ​

Who We Are


We are forward-thinking and progressive, featuring state-of-the art technology, top-tier programming, and a lively appreciation of the innovative art of film.


We believe in being welcoming and inclusive and celebrate film as an art form to be enjoyed together. Our film, educational, and cultural offerings are chosen to appeal to a diverse audience with distinct interests.


A community anchor since 1921, we are a cultural hub for the region, creating common ground through the power of film.


Thought-provoking and optimistic, we believe in the power of movies to inspire, enlighten, and unite.


We are a trusted, informed, and discerning voice on independent, international, new, and classic movies. We curate the world’s best offerings to bring you film programming that educates and entertains.