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The Picture House is bringing a full program of day-long workshops on all Federal Holidays and School Development Days for the 2023-2024 school year! Each workshop will be on a different exciting subject in film & TV production and appreciation.
Admission to each workshop is $100 per student, $90 for members. Sign up for all four announced workshops for a discounted rate of $350!
Friday November 10th: Intro to Animation Class 
Paint The Picture House red with a day devoted to the history of animation. We’ll screen clips from TV and film going back a hundred years, from hand-drawn to stop motion, CGI and beyond! Drawing on what they’ve learned, students will be able to create their own stop motion or hand drawn exercises. Color me impressed.
Monday January 15th: Music Video Production Become a pop star or hotshot Hollywood director in our music video making class. We’ll tune into some classics and new favorites before creating our own! There’s nothing better than a catchy song and striking video working in harmony. Songwriters and musicians are encouraged to bring in their original work for the group to film!
Friday March 15th: Film History in One Day Become an auteur overnight with 140 years of film history condensed in a single day- that’s even farther than A Trip to The Moon! Travel back in time to the Lumiere Brothers, Soviet montage theory, then onto Thomas Edison, the Golden Age of Hollywood, the French New Wave, New Hollywood, indie film and up to the present. Filmmakers of tomorrow shouldn’t miss out!
Monday April 1st: Silent Comedy  What more can be said about silent comedy? This workshop will touch on the greatest works of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd and others. Then students will try their hands at recreating (the safest and easiest!!) moments of slapstick choreography before creating their own black and white silent short.

Below are links to each session. See you at the movies!

November 10th:

January 15th:

March 15th:

April 1st: