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Fall Film Club

by admin

We’re pleased to announce that for the FIRST time ever we’ll be opening our sold-out Film Club with Marshall Fine to the general public. While the closure of the theater has posed many challenges over the past six months, it has also given us the flexibility to open Film Club to a wider audience as we’re not currently constrained by the 308 seats in our Main Hall. 

We’re also proud to share that we are the ONLY independent theater in the country hosting a virtual, interactive Film Club. 

So, if you’ve heard the buzz and been curious about Film Club, now’s the time to join your film-loving friends (online) as we come together to meet with industry insiders and talk about the movies. 

The Films

Traditionally, a season of Film Club includes films on 6 consecutive Wednesdays, generally with an industry guest after the film – and subscribers don’t know what the film is until they enter the theater. In the virtual world, it’s a little different. This season, Marshall has arranged, on some weeks, for us to watch new films (virtually) together and stay afterwards for a discussion and Q&A. In other weeks, we’ll watch the films on our own and then meet online with our guests. We’ll let you know the week’s format well in advance so you can plan accordingly and we’ll always meet on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. 

Fall 2020 Film Club dates are:

October 14, 21, 28 and November 4, 11, 18

The Pricing

A series subscription is $140 for six evenings for your household. That is close to the in-person pre-pandemic pricing of $132 per seat. Needless to say, the past six months have been challenging and we still do not have government guidelines for reopening, so if you are planning to join with more than one person and ARE able to pay for more than one subscription we would be extremely grateful. We are excited to share our Film Club with you – see you soon!


We are grateful to our 2020 Film Club sponsors, PURE & Meridian Risk Management, for their continued support!