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Good News in the Movie Business

by Laura deBuys

There is a great deal of good news in the movie business these days. Restrictions are lifting, more great movies are becoming available, and The Picture House has a brand-new HVAC system in the Main Hall!  It’s cool! It’s quiet! It’s MERV-13 filtered! It’s destined to be our blockbuster hit of the season! 

But, fabulous air notwithstanding, there’s a great deal of uncertainty as well. Our colleagues at NATO (The National Association of Theater Owners) have been fielding surveys throughout the pandemic to gauge audience comfort with returning to theaters.  The latest — from May 16th — showed 7-in-10 moviegoers are ‘very or somewhat comfortable’ going to the movies, but the survey also showed that “While moviegoers are increasingly expressing a readiness to return to theaters, they do still overwhelmingly prefer theaters to have significant COVID modifications in place.”

We concur. While the CDC guidelines — and now NYS guidelines — would allow those who are fully vaccinated to go to the movies without masks, we know that the majority of our audience — and especially those who have not been vaccinated — would appreciate some protocols staying in place. (Kids age 12 and up can now get vaccinated, but it will take several weeks for that roll-out to complete, and the vaccine has not been approved for children under 12.) 

So, come back to The Picture House to see A Quiet Place II, opening on Thursday, and In The Heights later in the month. Experience the cool, clean air, the magic of film on the big screen, and the joy of being together at the movies (while maintaining social distancing). Wear your mask as you go to your seat, take it off to eat Westchester’s Best Popcorn, and know that we appreciate your trust and will always do our very best to make you feel comfortable and safe in your theater. Can’t wait to see you!