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Introducing TPH Education (AT HOME)

by admin

Over the next several days and weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the short films we use in our filmmaking classes at The Picture House, along with suggested discussion questions and activities. You can use these as a way to provide a little arts enrichment in your “school at home” day, as inspiration for a writing assignment, or just a way to come together and connect through the art of film. 
This first film, Emmeline, is a short film for every age. It presents loneliness and connection in a simple and whimsical way, with artfully crafted shots and special attention to color. For older students who are already making their own films, it’s an excellent example of simple storytelling with rich, visual detail – shot over a weekend with zero budget!
If you have any questions, or if you decide to complete any of the activities, send them to and include Emmeline in the subject. We want to hear from you!