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Holiday Season at The Picture House

by Clayton Bushong

To me, the most important word in The Picture House mission statement is community: the community of our founders who spent countless hours rallying people throughout the area to eventually save the theater; the community that has returned to the theater to reconnect through the shared experience of movies; our community of amazing members; the Film Club community — I could go on and on.  

Truly, the spirit of community is never as strong at The Picture House as it is during the month of December. With great movies on-screen as we head toward awards season, and two of our favorite holiday traditions filling up the theater, the joyful and festive feeling that can only be found by people coming together can’t be replicated. 

If you want to sense the almost religious feeling of community then you won’t want to miss Not So Silent Night (Saturday, December 18th) and the return of our annual free screening of It’s a Wonderful Life

There is so much musical talent right here in Southern Westchester, and so many haven’t been able to perform for so long, that I am especially excited to have Not So Silent Night return to continue to weave the fabric of our common story that is The Picture House community.

And unlike the live participatory experience of our holiday concert, there is something uniquely lovely about sitting in a dark theater with your neighbors taking in the classic story of George Bailey — families young and old coming together. It’s a meditative holiday experience that we look forward to year after year. 

So this year, after being apart for so long, I hope you make some time for yourself and join us at the theater this December — it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Before joining us for this year’s Not So Silent Night, enjoy music and memories from the 2018 concert!