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I Believe

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On Monday, we shared a film recommendation by one of our high school students, who had a desire to share inspirational stories. Student voices are important to us, so today, we’re sharing a video that was made by our students from the New Rochelle Boys and Girls Club in 2017. The video is a product of our “I Believe” workshop, which blends a creative writing exercise with basic filmmaking techniques. The goal of the class is to create an environment where kids can begin to find their own creative voices, and then learn how to put those thoughts on camera. This class was taught by Laura Meoli-Ferrigon, whom you “met” two weeks ago, and is another example of her editing expertise.

This is an uplifting video for all ages, and we hope it inspires all of our viewers, young and young-at-heart. Included in the Activity Suggestions, are the instructions to the creative writing exercise we use in the class, which is a great way to begin a project, or clear your mind. 

If you’re inspired by this short film or any of our #TPHatHome arts breaks, we’d love to hear from you! Email or post on social media and mention #TPHatHome.

Watch What Do You Believe? HERE

Suggested Questions and Activities