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Interesting Times Ahead

by Laura deBuys

This “new” year is not just about changing the date when you write a check (if you still write checks), it’s about wondering what new and unexpected things will occur, what normal will look like, how to navigate these strange seas.

BUT a new year also carries hope and all the possibilities a new beginning can bring. At The Picture House, we are deeply optimistic about 2022. January introduces our ambassador program – keep your eyes out for details and exciting news! And in February we will open our second location – The Picture House Bronxville – ushering that 1926 cinema back to life and giving you even more film and education programming.

March will bring us our Centennial Celebration. The culmination of a year-long effort, it will be a can’t-miss-moment to launch us into our next century.

And that’s just the first few months of ’22! There’s much more to come as we work – with your input and support – to achieve our vision:

In its second century, TPH will evolve into a cultural center of excellence — a safe, welcoming space for creativity, curiosity, and can’t-miss moments. We will build connections between artists and audiences. Embracing film and the arts’ dynamic future, we’ll welcome ever more thoughtful audiences, building community through community. With the best movies, talks, classes, concerts, and workshops for all ages, TPH will deepen the discourse, raise new voices, and broaden horizons for generations to come.

We do live in interesting times! But through community, conversation, and film, perhaps we can make sense of them together.