Your critical financial support: 

• Helps under-resourced schools continue to rebuild from the pandemic with critical arts education that encourages creative exploration and, in doing so, helps students process their emotions and strengthen their voices. 

• Opens the theaters to our seniors for free weekly matinees – a lifeline of connectivity and entertainment for this often-overlooked population.

• Engages filmmakers who are eager to bring their work to in-person audiences, at our theaters, to participate in meaningful discussions about the art of movie making and important issues of the day. 

• Brings YOU the best in independent, blockbuster, foreign, and documentary films on 5 screens across 2 locations 364 days a year.

Nonprofit movie theaters like ours earn 50% of our revenue and raise the rest. Your where imaginations are ignited, perspectives are challenged (and sometimes changed), and memories continue to be made long after the credits roll. 

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is to treasure the people, places and experiences we hold dear. We continue to recover through reconnection, and we thank you for staying by our side.

Can’t wait to see you at the movies!




$45,000 and above
New York State Council on the Arts

$30,000 and above 
The Brightwater Fund

$25,000 and above
Gerald and Janet Carrus Foundation
Carolyn and Donald Moriarty
Jennifer and Owen Thomas

$15,000 and above
Won and Ken Giuriceo
Lisa Hord and Peter Kohnstamm
Louise and Tom Middleton

$10,000 and above
Ann and Dan Bernstein
Judith Fishlow and Mark Minter
Italian American Forum
Art and Paige Nagle
Debra and John Puchalla
Jeanne and David Radvany
Lisa and Ashvin Rao
Nancy and Rich Whitney

$7,500 and above
Ellen and Michael Chandler
Elaine and Jeffay Chang
Beth Fouhy and Joe Marty
Elaine and Tom Peer
Katherine Pringle and John McCormick
Berry and John Ravitz

$5,000 and above
Mary and Chris Behrens
Rachel and John Cahill
Paula and Thomas Canning
Amy and Andrew Cole
Romy and Dave Coquillete
Deirdre and Michael Doheny
Maria Gordon and Brian Shydlo
Erica and Andrew Holborn
Katy and Nick Loria
Joella and John Lykouretzos
Anne McCool and Geoff Nixo
Courtney and Ramsey McGrory
Marianne and Steve Mills
Megan Reed and Desmond Yuen
Jennifer Richardson and George Jaquette
Siobhan and Thomas Rini
The Robert Goelet Foundation
The Ruth & Seymour Klein Foundation
Cherie Sigward
Christina and Bill Staudt
Owen Berkowitz and Carol Marrone
Sara Zion and Tushar Shah

$2,500 and above
Andrea and David Archibald
Beauty and Fly
Benchmark Education Company
Bischof and Bischof LLP
Jennifer and Trabue Bland
Barbara and Arthur Bratone
Tracy Breen and Jason D`Amore
Maria DiMeo and John Calvelli
Gemma Clarke and Stark Sands
Mark Crane and Jim D’Sidocky
Nancy Davis and Fred Roffman
Suzanne and Jonathan Davis
Judy Foley
Ricki Gardner and William Cavanagh
Patricia Gisolfi
Blythe Hamer and Bradley Gewehr
Zoe Henriquez
Shelia and Mark Kindig
Helen Knapp and Charles Cagliostro
Lisa Kunstadter and Nick Stephens
Janet Langsam and Joe Schneider
Heather and Mark Miner
MK O’Shaughnessy
Jill Orlando
Tobi and Martin Rogowsky
Susan and Stephen Rooney
Alexandra Samra
Ann and John Sorice
Leah and Christopher Tahbaz
Lauren and Dan Toal
Nancy Warner
Wave Farm: Media Arts Assistance Fund

$1,000 and above
Admiral Real Estate
Stephanie Anderson
Anne and Richard Anderson
Anne and Peter Angevine
Amy and Jon Atkeson
Catherine and Warren Banholzer
Joyce and Jonathan Barnes
Katy Barrett and Andrew Langhoff
Jessica and Jim Benjamin
BeYoutiful Lashes
Alessandra Biaggi
Cathy and Wing Biddle
Kim Blanchard
Emily and Harold Bogle
Betsy and Grant Brady
Ellen and Chuck Bryceland
Maurice Owen-Michaane
Mariellen and Noble Carpenter
Judith and William Clements
Andrea and Timothy Collins
Compass Pelham
Compass Bronxville
Livia Curti and Mason Morjikian
Maura Curtin and Charles Zicari
Franco D’Alessandro and Michael Milek
Toni and John D’Antonio
Julie Daher
Christine and Tom Darbyshire
Alison Davidson
Laura deBuys
Peter Dickinson
Claire and Laurence Donnelly
Anne T. Dowling
Karen Dukess and Steven Liesman
Elizabeth Eaton and Matt Watkins
Page and Bob Edmunds
Fran and Rich Eigendorff
Katherine Elliott and Richard Abramson
Michaela and Matthew Evans
Eileen and Jason Feldman
Liz and Biff Folberth
Annie and George Freeman
Philippa and Robert Freeman
The Gallo Family
Zlata and Greg Gleason
Jennifer and Chris Granger
Kathy and Donald Gray
Sloan Just Guarino and Robert Guarino
Wendy and John Halley
Christy and Kevin Hammond
Jean E. Hanson
Ellie and Matt Harblin
Amy Harclerode and Gina Ting Callender
Lisa and Matthew Harrington
Jennifer and Erik Hellum
Kathryn and Peter Hicks
Marilynn and John Hill
Samantha and Jeffrey Hinton
Mia Homan and Bram Fierstein
Susan Hook and Chris Frigon
JoEllen and Jeff Howard
The Jane B. and Eugene E. White Foundation
Julia B. Fee Real Estate
Elizabeth and Jack Kaufmann
Katie and Samuel Keenan
Paisley Kelling
Robert Kern
Susan Kersting
Katie and Chris Krieg
Juliet and Chris KwanGina and Joe Lodi
Amanda Lundberg
Rosemary Maggiore and Kevin Chris
Jackie Mason Malek
Eileen and Jeff Marshall
Mary Marvin
Susie and Patrick McCloskey
Jeanne McFadden and Tom Sipple
Meridian Risk Management
Moira and Rob Moderelli
Theresa Mohan and Peter Moskowitz
Lena and Rick Munn
Sanjay Naik and Nandini Anandu
Martin Nash
Cristyne and Nick Nicholas
Margaret Nicholson
Colleen O’Callaghan and Stephen Hawkey
Christine and Brian O’Keefe
Corinne and Jim O’Mara
Andrea and Chris Pace
Jenny and Steven Pal
Marni and John Pedorella
Pencil Projects Architecture Studio 
Mary and Joseph Piscina
Ann Marie and Steve Pitkin
Susan and Kirk Reische
Sera and Tom Reycraft
Melissa Roddy and Peter Ruocco
Bonnie Roe and Paul Freedman
Carla Romita and Brian Eccleston
Lori Rotskoff and Michael Canter
Sarah Lawrence College
Rebecca and Matthew Schwarz
The Shade Store
Maggie and John Sheehan
Marisa and Nicholas Sheumack
Laurie and Hoke Slaughter
Terri and Jack Smith
Linda Smith-Shearer Robert Shearer
Kathryn and Eric Soderberg
Martha Solinger
Kathryn and John Stevens
Miranda and Fred Stupart
Tina and Steve Swartz
Anne Sweazey
Dana and Syd Thayer
Amy Thornton and Kevin Charlton
Monica Thurmond
Lynette and Dean Vanderwarke
Village Design Studio
Beatrice and Leighto Welch
Westchester Collision and Recovery
Kurt Wiesenmaier
Catherine Williams

$500 and above
Marwah Abdalla
Kerry Acocella
Elizabeth Aherne
Meghan and Bill Allen
Michelle Annunziata and Lee Hambright
Ann Auwarter and Sally Preston
Brenna and Gregory Barlow
Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum
Rebecca Bent
Suzanne and Thomas Bloomer
Zahabia and Satpal Brainch
Nadine and Michael Brandes
Robin Bratone
Blakely Brodbeck
Amy Brown
Kerry Buckley and Brad Flaster
Kristen Bowes Burke and Sidney Burke
Charles Burke
Debi and Chris Cacace
Marikay Capasso
Hannah and Lilia Cevasco
Lauren and Al Clapsaddle
Gemma Clarke
Kathryn and Kenneth Conboy
Betty Cuervo and Michael Bernstein
Adrienne Dale-Burns
DaniLee’s Helping Hands
Mary and Palmer Davis
Anabella and Jesse Davis
Ellen and Pierre De Saint Phalle
Lianne De Serres
Lori Deutsch
Ashley and Stephen Dolan
Kathleen Donahue and Kelly Faloon
Ashleigh and Mike Donovan
Annette and William Dowling
Amy and Charles Entelis
Jamal Epps
Amber Estabrook and Josh Glaser
Kristen and Tom Evans
Karen Falk
Vanessa and Dan Felgner
Iva Filipovoic and Jonathan Halvorson
Kristina and Stephan Findikyan
Roseanne Finzio
Ximena Francella
William and Ivy Fredericks
Randy and Corwin Frost
William FultonRichard Fursland
Danielle Ganpat
Joan Marlow Golan
Sunny and Bradley Goldberg
Margo and Dan Greenfield
Tara Hansen
Sheila and Chris Healy
Blair Hecht
Richard Heller/ Rich In Relationships
Heather and John Hemsley
Kathryn and Ludger Hentschel
Colette Heraty
Dale and James Hisiger
James Hoch
Danielle Holahan-Bici and Alex Bici
Elisabeth and Peter Holland
Michelle Horvers
Anna and Joseph Houlihan
Houlihan Lawrence  Pelham
Houlihan Lawrence Bronxville
Julie and Ted Howard
Ursla Huff
Anne and William Jacobi
Sarah and Jason Jeffries
Alicia and Arjay Jensen
Joanne Johnson and Edward Reilly
Peter JosephHeidi and Miki Kapoor
Frances Karamouzis and Nick Oliva
Lisa and John Kiernan
Jill and Don Kittredge
Andre and Mike Koester
Larry Krantz
Amy and Steve Krause
Julie Latham
Alanna and Byrd Leavell
Robin and David Lewis
Lotus Threads
Tara Lyons
Dana and Robert MacNaughton
Maggie and Jim Marrone
Rita and Terrance Martel
Lansing Martinelli
Surbjit and Palvinder Mattu
Michelle and Vincent McBride|
Sydney McCann
Michelle and Robert McCarthy
Merit Auto Body
Jennifer and Matthew Meyer
Suzann de La Pena Michailoff and Chris Michailoff
Amy Todd Middleton and Curt Middleton
Eileen and Ethan Miller
Denise and Chris Mincak
Mary Molloy and Walter Jones
Andrea Montalbano
Thomas Moore
Lorna Ramos-Morel and Richard Morel
Katharine O’Callaghan and Bruno Walmsley
Michelle and James O’Connor
David Outcalt
Elizabeth Peacock
Sharon Pietrzak and Bruce Phillips
Alexandra and Mark Portner
Madryn and John Priesing
Sophia Primps
Mary and Steve Quintin
Kendall Rabun
Donna Randles and Tony O’Malley
Kathy and Alan Re
Elisa and Bill Rizzo
Melissa and Christopher Ronan
Karen Rosa and Jim King
Emily and Darin Rumgay
Erin and Joe Saluti
Catherine Samuels and Jeremy Henderson
Marisol and Peter Sanchez
Michelle and Andrew Schoulder
Katie and Vivek Shah
Judith Shampanier and Michael Bowen
Suzanne and Jeff Shannon
Ruth and Richard Shearer
William Slattery
Lisa Smith and David Barr
Denise and Tim Stephens
Jerome Stoeffhaas
Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer and Don Tagatac
Samira Tanury
Kim and Greg Tobin
Jennifer Topping and Terry Ratigan
Melinda and Michael Trovini
Carol and Frank Veith
Vincents Fine Jewelry
Charles and Sarah Vorbach
Melina Vourlekis
Pat and Ed Wakeham
Lisa Falcocchio Walch and David Walch
Claudia Wallis and Hugh Osborn
Veronica Walsh
Ruth Walter
Rosanne and Mark Welshimer
Jill and Tim Whipple
Paula Wood and Josh Wallach
Colleen and Joseph Zale

$250 and above
Maria and Adam Abeshouse
Brooke Aboozia
James Agostisi
Ellen Albert and David Grigg
Janice Albright
Michael Alfieri
Valerie Alley
Joanne Amorosi and Marty Ketels
Allison Anderson
Madeline and David Arnow
Louisa and John-Paul Augeri
Tania Baptista
Kristin and Peter Barsanti
Leigh Beal
Janet and Stephen Bear
Nancy Biberman and Roger Evans
Aisling and Brian Bier
Jane and Jack Bierwirth
Barbara and Daniel Bock
Body Blueprint
Joanna and John Boyle
Irina and Harry Brandler
Elizabeth Braun
Breezemont Day Camp
Kelly and Josh Brown
Nicole and William Brown
Jennifer Carella
Patrice and Thomas Carlin
Barbara Carlsson
Lori and Daniel Carlton
Laura and Chris Caruso
Catesby Cator
Julie Chang and Patrick Normoyle
Cristina Chianese
Jocie Childs and Matthew Murrell
Sue and Nick Childs
Sun Sun Chung and Mark McNulty
Sabrina and David Clark
Amy Coghlan
Kristen Conway
Anna-Liisa Corsi
Kelli and James Coughlin
Lindsay Monkman Cruess and Gordon Cruess
Linda and Michael Davidoff
Imelda and Bradley Davis
Beatriz De la Torre
Jessica and Craig DeDomenico
Janique and Milton Delerme
Erin Dittus and Russell Lang
Kelly Dolan
Catherine Draper and Michael Clain
Sing and Kevin Duffy
Carolyn Duncan
Yvonne Eisner and John Brice
Melissa Eustace
Wendy and Chris Fahy
Danielle and Andrew Feigenbaum
John Feldtmose
Carol and Matthew Fleming
Rebecca Ford and Martin Esteverena
Linda and Andy Franks
Donna and Donald Gammon
Kristi and Tim Garrett
Marcie Gatchalian
Stephanie and James Gilmartin
Erin and Jeff Ginsburg
Mary Ann Gioeli
Elizabeth Bewley Goldman and Ethan Goldman
Cheryl Goldstein and Marcelo Nacht
Susan Gordon
James B. Gray
Elana Grayson
Cheryl H Greenhalgh
Bronwyn Hagan
Stephen Ham
Ashley Warwick Hanrahan
Bentley and Steve Hardwick
Lisa Harper
Elizabeth Harriss
Robert Hartwell
Barbara Hasselman
Victoria Hays
Betty Himmel
Toni Hine
Sandy and Andy Horan
Lisa and John Horten
Betsy and Stephen Howard
Kim and Greg Howells
Humphrey Design and Build
Joanne and Stephen Jones 
Yasmin Jorge and Richard Gorski
Aimee and Matthew Kaplan
Nicole Kaplan
Alan Keating
Lauren Keenan and Pei Huang
Kate and Charlie Kerr
Karin Kin and Cameron Potts
Katharine Kirk
Patricia Knox
Lisa and Lance Koonce
Karen Kringel and Jeff Hoeh
Norma and Robert Landis
Dan Lange
Theresa Kump Leghorn and Thomas Leghorn
Valerie Lemon and Robert Rendon
Caroline Long and Jeff Greenfield
Amy Luebke
Anne Lyons-Fedele
Randi and Brian MacColl
Jennifer and Scott Mackesy
Colleen O’Hagan Maiberger and Chris Maiberger
Sara and Larry Mallach
Courtney and Matt Maron
Ashley and John Matts
Nora and Marc Mazur
Julia McCarrel
Sissel and Stephen McCarthy
Alison and Rob McGovern
Mary Kate and Alex McGrath
Fred McGrath
Marlene McKinnis
Julie Meade
Patty and Ernie Medaglia
Darby and David Mingey
Michael Minihan
Flannery Monaghan-Morris
Augusta Moore
Joan Morgan and Roger McDaniel
Amy Morgenweck
Julia Murphy
Kathleen and Jai Nanda
Wendy Nash
Peggy Newton
Next Level Private
Joan and Jerry O’Connor
Amy O’Hara
Liam and Daniel O’Neill
Aislinn O’Callahan
Peter Occolowitz
Madeline Oden
Meredith and Robert Ohmes
Ariane Ortiz-Bollin
James Pabst
Christine Palmieri and Brian Levine
Amy Paulin
Andrea and Mark Peltz
Anthea Perkinson and Shaun Gurl
Chris Peters
Meredith Phelan
Anne Poorman
Katie Portman
Betsy and Ian Putnam
Merrell and Ryan Quintin
Meena and Ravi Rao
Kathy Raymond
Mary and Carl Regelmann
Michael Rendl
Ann and Edward Rial
Colleen and Matthew Ring
Elizabeth and Kevin Ritchie
Sheri Roder and Rich Zahradnik
Melanie Roland
Kathleen and Gary Rothschild
Kierstie Rucci
Barbara and Peter Russillo
Amanda and Michael Sachs
Caroline Samsen and Tim Mueller
Scarborough Fair Catering
Liza Schaeffer
Elasah Schaff-Smith and Eric Smith
Rebecca Scott
Emily Sharrock
Tracy and Steven Shekane
Molly Sheldon
Barbara Amar
Norma Simon
Jane Simoni
Susan Simpson and Stephen Handelman
Annsley and Greg Slawsky
Janna and Greg Spock
Amanda Stano
Jane and Mike Sweeney
Thrive Barre and Fitness
Morgan and Jacob Treves
Madeline and Chris Tully
Rebecca Underhill
Emily Upshur and Bjorn Haines
Alexandra Valdes-Faul and Kayvan Darouian
Leslie and Adam Vanderbrook
Iris Vogel
Elizabeth and Larry Vranka
Lisa Wagner and Matthew Goldberg
Kerry Walsh
Elin Waring and Thomas Abernathy
Jamie and Ryan Webb
Joanna and Lawrence Weschler
Lorraine and Hank White
Deborah Winstead and Darius Kingsley
Patricia Wrotniak
Katy Yang
Jean and Bill Yankus
Margaret and James Young
Youth Theatre Interactions, Inc.
Jenny and Brian Ziemer

$100 and above 
Susan Adiletta 
Garrett and Kathryn Ahitow 
Jed Aicher 
Claire and Geoffrey Allen 
Tshering Amdo 
Marc Anello 
Michelle Antonini 
Martha and James Arden 
Fiona Guthrie and Graham Ashton 
Kathleen and George Austin 
Alison and Gaspar Ayala 
Dominick Balletta 
Keith Barbaria 
Elena Barnabei 
Kim Barrett 
Julia Barrett 
Maureen and William Barton 
Billie and Philip Bauman 
John Baumann 
Barbara Beer 
Mr. and Mrs. Bent 
Nancy and Arnold Berlin 
Catalina Berti and David Daykin 
Adam Bertocci 
Linda Bethea 
Katherine and Ken Bialo Karen
Blood Allison and Jeff Bodenmann 
Mary Boland 
Katharyn Bond and Alan Schissel 
Katherine and Joseph Bonnem 
Henry and Michael Brandler 
Jody Brandman and Steven Gruber 
Marina Braun and William Lang 
Mary Breslin and Lee Miller 
Gerilyn Brewer and Henry Mueller 
Sean Broderick 
Brian Brown 
Robyn Brown-Manning 
Nancy and Tom Buchanan 
Bruce E. Burgeson 
Mark Burgess 
Bettina Buss and Oliver Jakob 
Renee Byers 
Elizabeth Byrne and Brian Byrne 
Jennifer and Evan Cadoff 
Kay and John Caffrey 
Karen and Cecil Caine 
Nancy and Joseph Calvaruso 
Maria Camacho 
Annette and Larry Candido 
MaryAnn Capozzi 
Leslie Cardell and Lawrence Attile 
Heidi and Matt Carey 
William and Mary Carroll 
Mary Ann Cate 
Tom Caton 
Suzy Cerone 
Cheryl and Patrick Champ 
Lake and Michael Charles 
Tara Chillemi and Matt Nolan 
Ginger Chinn 
Julie Choi and Perry Lee 
Matt Christ 
Charlotte Church and Jonathan Gaines 
Carole Cilento 
Will Cioffi 
Beth and Chris Clausen 
Susan and David Cody 
Marci and Jeremy Cohen 
Generosa and Joseph Cohen 
Eileen Cohen 
Tracy Cole and Richard Barker 
Maureen Coleman 
Josyane Colwell 
Kristine Constable 
Peggy and Joseph Conway 
Debbie and Kevin Cook 
Joni and Steve Cordy 
Mary Lou and Andrew Coronios 
Nereida Correa and Alan Ross 
Alexandra Cortale 
Judith Coyne 
Elizabeth Cram-Bucher 
Catherine Curtin and Robert Hulsmeyer 
Victoria D’Angio 
Michelle D`Urso 
Karen and David Dadamo 
Erin Dangelo 
Nancy and Mark Davis 
Inga Dawe 
Keith Dawson 
Jeff Deininger 
Madeline Delosh 
Astrid and Ken Denison 
Elisa Di Carlo 
Beverly Dichter 
Rochelle and Alan Dindas 
Julianna and Peter DiPaola 
Patricia and Robert Dohrenwend 
Ryan Donahue 
Sharon and Bruce Douglas 
Allison and William Douglass 
Joanne Douvas and Raymond Beeler 
Greg Dow 
Claire and Peter Doyle 
George Drakopoulos 
Patricia Duffy 
Robert Dumont 
Michele and Sean Egan 
Sarah and Patrick Egan 
Christine and Rick Emerson 
Jon Emmet 
Larry Eppley 
Liza Benner
Erario and Michael Erario 
Diane and Mitchell Essig 
Rachel Ettlinger 
Concetta Eudicone 
Chris Evans 
Ann Fabrizio 
Carles Farre 
Lindsay and Gillian Fassel 
Claudia and Robert Fauber 
Elizabeth and Thomas Fear 
Libby and Kevin Fee 
Deborah Felstehausen and Will Blythe 
Joanne and Ralph Ferrara 
Xaira and Alessandro Ferrara 
Robin Ferrer 
Mary Beth and Mark Fisher 
Eleanor Fitz-Randolph 
Annmarie Flannery 
Sandra Fradkin 
Peter Fogarty 
Elizabeth Ford and Christina Day 
Kerry Foster 
Kathleen Friend and Robert Wise 
Annette Fry 
Louise Fusco and William Hoare 
Emilie and MJ Galletta 
Maura and Steve Gallucci 
Shannon Gangemi 
Megan and David Garufi 
Lauren Gautier 
Susan George
William George 
Brad Gettelfinger 
Janice Gilligan and Michael Boro 
Laura Goldberg and Leandro Saito 
Laura Arm Goldstein and Neil Goldstein 
Gloria and Arthur Goldstein 
Daniel Gonda 
Laurie Goodman 
Shari Goodman 
Marsha Gordon 
Peter Gordon 
Robert Gori 
Eileen and Joseph Gorrasi 
Stephen and Dina Grant 
Lia Gravier 
Kathy and Taylor Gray 
Karen and Richard Grayson 
Lynn and Steven Green 
Samuel Groom and Fanny Jorge 
Katherine Guenther 
Lourdes Guerrero 
Julie Gurdin 
Lawrence Hamdan 
Julie Hansen and Kevin Alexander 
Randi and James Hanvey 
Betsy Harding 
Donald Harris 
Samantha Harvey 
Jennifer Heathwood 
Tiffany Hebert 
Liz and John Heffernan 
Katherine and David Heires 
John Henighan 
Donna Henry and Peter Alpert 
Mary and William Henson 
Allison and Pete Hickey 
David Hill 
Meredith Hilton 
Susan and Richard Hoddeson 
Jessica and Ted Hopper 
Alan Houston 
Linda Howitt 
Marilyn Hoyt and Dan Wharton 
Mark Hudspeth 
Joseph Hunt 
Isabelle Ingersoll 
Gloria and Tony Ingrao 
Jill Isenbarger and Keith O’Connor 
Sylvia and Sameh Iskander 
Jaclyn and Sol Israel 
Erica and Steven Itzkowitz 
Juli and Robert Jackson 
Kim Jacobs and Marshall Fine 
Edgar Jaimes 
Jane Solnick 
Amanda Jaskiewicz and James McLellan 
Cynthia and Garrett Jenkins 
Anna and Adam Jenner 
Jennifer Jerabek 
Maureen and Claude Johnston 
Danny Jokl 
Sharene and Matthew Jones 
Evan Jordan 
Melissa and Adam Kagan 
Alice Kaiser 
Laura and Max Kalehoff 
Caroline Kaplan 
Nancy and Jon Kapplow 
Christina and Daniel Kasman 
Sarah and Andrew Katz 
Lois and Arthur Katz 
Toni and Ted Kavanagh 
Alexa Kazim 
Marcia Keizs 
Celeste and Thomas Kelly 
Jean-Marie and John Heins 
Meredith and Robert Keough 
Polly and Robert Kerrigan 
Elizabeth Kiehner 
Elizabeth King 
Katharine and Robert Kirk 
Matthew and Linda Kirkpatrick 
Margaret and Philip Klein 
Christi and Matt Klossner 
Patricia and William Knickerbocker 
Diane Knox 
Katy Krassner and Brian Hughes 
Kathleen Kyriakakos 
Adriana La Raja 
Melissa Labonte and Peter Romaniuk 
Jim Lader 
Susan Lally and Jeff Munk 
Adriana and Raymond LaRaja 
Ellen Lasch and Alex Sade 
Allison and Blinn Latta 
Jennifer and Peter Lavelli 
Sylvia Lavietes and Harri Taranto 
Elizabeth and Tom Lavin 
Georgette C. Law 
Elizabeth and Gavin Leckie 
Ann and Rich Lefever 
Christine Lefler 
Anne Lemberger 
Janet and Benjamin Lentz 
Julia and David Lestch 
Richard Leveille 
Catherine Levene and Roger Krulak 
Tess Lewis 
Linda Lionetti 
Mary and Brian Loughman 
Edward Lovett 
Sara Lovett 
Mark Lukasiewicz 
Kathy Luke 
Janet Lyons 
Mimi and Lou Magarelli 
Irene Majuk 
Judith and Fred Makrauer 
Patrick Malgieri 
Frank and Carol Mallia 
Lynn and Carl Mann 
Solveigh and Jeffrey Marcks 
Michael and Jennifer Maria 
Maria Marotta 
Carol Marrone 
Kathy and Frank Martinucci 
Toby and Kenneth Marxuach-Gusciora 
Kusum Mathews 
Carolyn and William Mattson 
Judith Mayberry and Eric Sivin Jeanne
Marie McAnanly 
Hilary McCormick 
Francine and Matthew McDermott 
Eliza Mcdougall 
Tracey and Brian McFarland 
Joan McGreevy 
Allison McGuire 
Michael McHugh 
Sarah and Mark McKee 
Paula McKeever and Michael Gracie 
Nancy and Matthew McKenna 
Jaye and Matt McLaughlin 
Kara McLoughlin and Christopher D’Angelo 
Sally McNally 
Micah Mcowen 
Jayne Meath 
AnaMarie Medina 
Keinan Meginniss 
Laura and Mark Mendley 
Bridget and John Messina 
John Meyercord 
Leslie and Michael Meyers 
Lisa Milazzo and Charles Mikulka 
Sarah Mironchuk 
Josephine and Larry Moffett 
Jodi Moise and Lawrence Silverman 
Andrea and Andrew Montanarella 
Amy and John Moore 
Kerri and Kevin Moore 
Mariette and Thomas Morrissey 
Noel and Stephane Moschetta 
Carleen and Scotty Murdock 
Jon Murray 
Jon Nardelli 
Joan and John Neary 
Mary and Rich Newberry 
Daniel Nicastri 
Nicola Nice 
Nancy Rabstejnek Nichols and Randolph Deutsch 
Mary and John O’Callahan 
Theresa and Thomas O’Halloran 
Nicky and Rory O’Kane 
Mary Beth O’Keefe and Michael Plunkett 
Maura O’Malley and Jorge Szendiuch 
Liam O’Neil 
Kathleen O’Toole and Peter Hoffmann 
Christopher Orthmann 
Eileen Osmolkis 
Ellen Oster 
Bethany and Thomas Ow 
Amy and Rich Pace 
Maria Pannullo and Scott Brown 
Mary Ann and Doug Parent 
Dami Park and Seung-Ho Ahn 
Rene Parmar 
Lauren and Anthony Passante 
Ann Pasterski 
Catherine Patsos and Scott Desmond 
Jessica Pearson and Shawn Koupal 
Rebecca Peckham 
David Pecora 
Stacy and John Peebles 
Debbie Pellish and Michael Schreiber 
Fran Pepe 
Patricia Perez 
Suzanne Perry 
Ralph Petrillo 
Thomas Petrillo 
Racquel Pierre 
Paul Plaine 
Susan Portes 
Gayle and Everett Potter 
Eileen and Boyer Proffitt 
Christine Puleo 
Margaret Pyle 
Susan Quintin 
Meher Rabbani 
Babak Rassi 
Ellen Reich 
Annette and Steve Reich 
Tim Reidy 
Devon and Sean Reilly 
Denise Rende 
Dianne Renwick and Robert Johnson 
Barbara Rick and Jim Anderson 
Faith Ritchie and Richard Menaker 
Peter Rizzo 
Scott Rockman 
Cathy and Bart Rodriguez 
Jennifer Rohr 
Rosa and Louis Romeo 
Ulrich Rosa 
Joanne and Donald Rose 
Maria and Frank Rosell 
Betsy and Samuel Rosenthal 
Sylvia and Ian Rowe 
Susan Rubinoff and Kenneth Conboy 
Carol Goldstein and Josh Rubinstein 
Meg Russell 
Lexi Russello 
Patricia Ryan-Smith and Brian Smith 
Brian Sadow 
Steve Salee 
Spencer Salzberg 
Denise and Lawrence Savarese 
Natalka Sawchuk 
Anique Scharf 
Barbara and David Schimansky 
Dean Schloyer 
Katherine Schowalter and Rick Lesch 
Dennis Scully 
Jane Sears 
Christina Selin and Jeffrey Endervelt 
Angela Seminara 
Gunbir Sethi 
Lorraine Shanley 
Jennifer Shirazi 
Natalie Schirone and Anthony Natoli 
Jon Shirreffs 
Rachel and Wilbur Shugg 
Sheri and Michael Silver 
Fran Sisco 
Erica and Michael Sisk 
Elizabeth Skudder 
Pamela Sloan and Stephen May 
Patricia and Gibson Smith 
Doris-Patt Smith 
Nancy and John Smith 
Carly and Kyle Snarr 
Nancy and David Snell 
Catherine and Tor Soderquist 
Majlinda Sokoli 
Katherine Sokolnikoff and Richard Haas 
Anne and Joseph Solimine, Jr. 
Margaret Ann and Silvestro Spagnuolo 
Chelsea Spengemann 
Stephen Spiegel 
Ariel Spira-Cohen and Victor Birutti 
Elizabeth Spiro and Tim Costello 
Jennifer Spitz 
Jill Staats 
Brooke Stanford and Shana Schoepke 
Lauren and Mark Stanich 
Joan Steck 
Irena Choi Stern 
Nelle Stokes 
Hilary and Paul Sullivan 
Kathleen Suss 
Terrence and Deirdre Sweeney 
John Tackett 
Paul and Tracy Taft 
Peter Tascio 
Kathleen and Donald Tashner 
Robert and Ann Marie Terranova 
Victoria Thiessen 
Eleanor and Peter Thorp 
Jadzia and Noel Tirsch 
Marie and Robert Tracy 
Sally Treland and Chris Albanese 
Ellie and Scott Turner 
Augusta and Richard Turner 
Donna Tuths and Michael Oppenheimer 
Britt Ulrich 
Karl Urban 
Mary and Michael Ushay 
Matt Van Brink 
Albert Van Ness 
Kristin Van Ogtrop and Dean Robinson 
Kate Milliken Vaughey 
Steven Visscher 
Antoinette and Thomas Vitale 
Rae Ellen Vitiello 
Claudia and Joel Wald 
Beth and Frank Wall 
Flora and Tom Walsh Christine Wanuga 
Elizabeth Weisman 
Rachel Welburn and Stephen Willemite 
Lexy and Addison Werner 
Bryan Whalen 
Anna White 
Soren and Maria White 
Laurice Whitfield 
Sarah Whitney and Gordon Harriss 
Suzanne and Peter Wies 
Anne Williams 
Wine Gems 
Erica and Mike Wohlstadter 
Susan Wolman and Steven Guggenheim 
Meg Woods and Michael Millich 
Nancy Yu and Joseph Kochansky 
Katrina Zafiriadis and Brendan Considine 
Alec Zultowsky and Alec Cecil  

Up to $99 
Rita Abdoo 
Michele Abo and Debra Acocella 
Frieda Aboyoun 
Jamie Abruzzo 
Joan Adam 
Emily Tancredi-Brice Agbenyega 
Alexandra Albury
Terrell Jean  and Michael Alessandro 
Francine Alheid 
Therese and Anthony Allison 
Munaf Almoadhen 
Maureen Alves 
Deirdre Andrews 
Vielca Anglin 
Jonathan Argudo 
Lisa Arkin 
David Armas 
Nancy Arnold 
Michael Astin 
Laura Atkinson-Hope 
Haven Baded 
Margaret Bailey 
Mirjana Balac 
Patrick Ballard 
Pilar Bartlett 
Christine Bartley 
Michael Bartolomei 
Robert Baskerville 
Michael Baumgarten 
Terry Beaver 
Jean-Benoit Belin 
Donna Bellone 
Lenni Benson 
Barbara Berger 
Lorraine Bertolacci 
Timothy Bevilacqua 
Lisa Beyer 
Hayes Biggs 
Jon Bingham 
Christiane Cabot Bini 
Brigitte Birrer 
Charles Blanchard 
Dawn and Christopher Bloise 
Hilary Blumenreich 
Dana and Brian Bober 
Bonnie Bogdanoff 
Frank Bosketti 
Jorel Boston 
Peter and Manuela Bourbeau 
Teresa Brady 
Camille Brancazio 
Mickey Brand 
Alex Breen 
Andrew Brody 
Katelyn Brooks 
Chris Brown 
Brenda Brown 
Pamela Brown 
Meredith Brown 
John Browne 
Prisca Brunson 
Catherine Bucci 
Maryanne Buechner 
Doug Thomas 
Judy Bernstein Bunzl 
Laura Burke 
Regina Burlace 
Momo Burns-Min 
Catherine Butler 
Ivory Butler 
MaryAnne Byrnes 
Robert Cady 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Calhoun 
Suzanne and David Calkins 
Nicholas Calvino 
Jane Cameron 
Alison Cameron 
Virginia Campbell 
Loretta Carbone 
Pat Carey 
Elizabeth Carlin 
Mary Carmody 
Maureen Carmody 
Marlene and Paulo Carneiro 
Kay Cassidy  
Joan Cela 
Isaac Chansky 
Haley Childs 
Philippe Chivee 
Lisa Christenson 
Blythe Churchill-Joell 
Kim Clark 
Gemma Clarke and Stark Sands
Amanda Close 
David Cohen 
Nancy Colangelo 
Susan Cole 
Mary Jane Collett 
Melanie Collier 
Elizabeth Colodny 
Kelly Lynch Confalone 
Meg Connolly 
Nancy Contessa 
Patricia Cook 
Matthew Cook 
Christine Cooper 
Barbara Corcoran and John Begert 
Damien Core 
Alice Corti 
Carina and David Cowan 
Stephanie Cowles 
Neil Craig 
Cynthia Crowley 
Brad Crownover 
Lodwin Cuetol 
Maureen Cunningham 
Maureen Curran 
Dave Currence 
Kveta Cveklova 
Bill D’Ambrosio 
Jan D’amico 
Gina and Ralph D’Angelo 
Olympia Daskalakis 
Daughters of Penelope Pasithea, Chapter 141 
Joanne Davies 
Will de Lannoy 
Alice Dean 
James Decker 
Benigna DeCurtis 
Gloria Deixel 
Ellen Del Colle 
Holli Delano 
Bob DeMicco 
Barbara Dennis 
Mindy DePalma 
Debra Derella-Cheren 
Peter Devaney 
Bob Devereux 
David Diamond 
Minerva Diaz 
Magaly Diaz 
Michael DiBenedetto 
Nicholas DiCostanzo 
Chris Ann Dixon 
Riley Doenges 
Peter Dolan 
Angelique Don 
Paul Donahue 
Kay Donohue 
Jessica Doran 
Carol S. Dowd 
Barbara Driscoll 
Bruce Drucker 
Bindu Dulock 
Magaly and Christopher Dunckley
Michael Durand 
Yelena Dyment 
Joseph Eduardo 
Gail Edwards 
Ellen J Edwards 
Penny Eickemeyer 
Jean Eifert Elie
Juan Jonathan Ellinghaus 
Linda Ellis 
Kathryn Ellis and Kelvin Leung 
Claire Esposito 
Doris Eugenio and Eric Korte 
Ilana Eva 
Nancy Facchino 
Carolyn and Albert Facendo 
Joan Faier and Andy Tannen 
Rose Fairweather-Clunie 
Eric Fang 
Jeff Farrell 
Rich Fellegara 
Natalie Ferrara 
Frankie Fiermonte 
Adrienne Finlay 
Lorraine Finney 
Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgerald 
Margaret Flint and Mark Smith 
Karen Fogarty 
Peter Fogarty
Deborah Folsom
Lourdes Font and Bruce Soloway 
Lourdes Font 
Susanne Foster 
Diane Foster 
Arthur Foti 
Jane Frank 
Evelyn Freytes 
Cathryn Friedman 
Carolyn and David Frost 
Sachin Gadh 
Patrick Gannan 
Lori and Mark Garbin 
Richard Gardella 
Rosemarie Garipoli and Charles Gunther 
Gregory Gatto 
Mary Gay 
Michelle Gelinas 
Amanda George 
Phillip Geraci 
Diana Germano 
Raymond Geselbracht 
Janet and Charles Gessner 
Bridget Gibbons 
John Gigante 
Sandra Giorno-Tocco 
Janet and Chris Goff 
Margaret Gokey 
Katherine and Josh Gold 
Joyce Goldklang 
Joanne and Theodore Goldman 
Lizbeth Gonzalez 
Chiara and Justin Goodyear 
John Gramins 
Robert Granucci 
Kathy Gray 
Catharine Gregware 
Lauren and Chris Gretina 
Caitlin Griffin 
Elizabeth Gronke 
Erik Gronning 
Jean Gruener 
Barb Guerney 
Stephen Guerrieri 
Joanne Guerriero 
Francesca Guglielmo 
Alan and Susan Guma 
Susan Gunderson 
Eleanor Gustafson 
Diane Hackett 
Patricia Halligan 
Nancy Hand 
Rina Hannon 
Penelope Hare 
Cindy Harm 
Joanne Harper 
Sherwin Harris 
Theodore Harris 
Anne Hartmere 
Kristin Harwood 
William Hawkey 
Louise Hayes 
Margaret Heidenry 
Molly Hendrick 
Elaine Henry 
Daniel Hermann 
Amy Hersh and Daniel Rubock 
Marjut and Jonathan Herzog 
Lisa Hest 
Evelyn Hey 
Christen Hill 
Jill Ho
Tai Mary Hoar 
Jane Hoffman and Kevin Crowe 
Sarah Holden 
Ardyce Holmen 
Andrea Horn 
Cary Howard 
Kristen Howard 
Casey Howard 
Matthew Huffman 
Henry Hyde 
Maraget Jackson 
Peyton Jasso 
George Jathas 
Marie Jensen
Jade-Snow Joachim 
Elizabeth C. Jones 
Helen Jones 
Ronna and John Juliano 
Stiven Juncaj 
Laura Juner 
Sara Kandler and Youssef Squali 
Laura B. Kapnick 
Amy Kass 
Beth Kaugasian 
Jane Keegan 
Dan Kelly 
Elizabeth Kelly 
Jim Kennedy 
Erica and Tom Kenney 
Patrice Kentner 
Kruan Keolamphu 
Deborah Kerner 
Susan Kettner 
Trevor Kilduff 
Cheryl King 
Elise King 
Heather Kirby 
Charles Knight 
Kathy Knox 
Eric Koch 
Katie Kohlbeck 
Matthew Kolb 
Barbara Kollodge 
Monika Konieczna 
Rhonda Kost and Alfred Spector 
Elias Krauklis 
Susan and John Kraus 
Carol and John Kuster 
Franca Labella 
Patty Labella 
Myra and Gerald Lahn 
Eileen Lambert 
Teri Landi 
Jennifer Landi 
John Larkin 
Lori Laubich 
Cathryn Lavery 
Patricia Lawrence 
Karen Leahy 
Rita Lenn 
Leah Lenney 
Miriam and Michael Leo 
Linda and Mark Levine 
Giselle and Peter Licursi 
Toby Z. Liederman 
Kayla Lindquist 
Steven Lipton 
Athena and German Longoria 
Helene Loriusky 
Kathy Lospinuso
Matthew Lott
Mary and Brian Loughman
Anthony Lovingood 
Alison Lowey 
Helen Lund 
Diane Lupi 
Kim Lynch 
Elieen Lyons 
Patricia Mack 
Adriane Maisell 
Masroor Malik 
Patrick Malizia 
Kevin Maloney 
Elliot Mandelman 
Helen Mangano and Fred Dunbar 
Phyllis Manner 
Neala Martin 
Elizabeth Massie 
Varkey Matthew 
Amaris Matos and Luis Barcelo  
Kathleen Matthews 
Kathryn and Theodore Mayer 
Nancy Mayerfield 
Lidia McCarthy 
Sheryl McCafferty 
Kimberly McCrave 
Nora McCrossan 
Dorothy McDonald 
Kate and Joseph McDonough 
Andrea McElroy 
Noelle and Thomas McEnerney 
Avery McEnery 
John McGay 
Susan McGoey and Tim Fetzer 
Jennifer McGrath 
Kim McGreal and Joe DaProcida 
Mary McGuire 
Aileen Mckenna 
Deborah McKinstry 
Ginger McKnight-Chavers 
John McClean 
Maura McMahon 
Alexander McManus 
Judith McNatt 
Ann McNulty 
William McRee 
Kaileen McSpedon 
Catherine Meaney 
Joann Meehan 
Nina Mendelsohn 
Nancy Merahn 
Clinton Meserole 
Kit and Peter Meyer 
Lynda Michaels 
Teri Michigan 
Dan Miele 
Aimee Milano 
Susan Miller 
Carmen Miranda 
Neel Mishall 
Jacquie Mitchell 
Sonya Mittleman and Frances Coleman 
Joanne Miuccio 
Mina Miuliani 
Carol Moesel 
Rebecca Molinaro 
Janet Moline and Paul Gennis 
James Molloy 
Susan Monaco 
Petra Monogenis 
Lois Montorio 
Robin and John Moore 
Cara Moore 
Ed Moran 
Lucy Moreno 
Estela Moreno-Bosketti 
Rhonda Morgan 
Cece and Michael Morrell 
Susan Morris 
Chris Morris 
Kieran Morris 
Syl Morrone 
Noel Mowatt 
Molly and Tim Mulholland 
Louise Muller 
Dennis Mullin 
Candace Muniz 
Diane Murgalo 
Mary Ellen Murphy 
Daniel Murray 
Joan and Richard Nardi 
Susan Nathenson 
Alexandra Neblett 
Eric Negrin 
Alice Neild 
Leslie Newman and Mark Friedland 
Carolyn Newman 
Betty Newton 
Lorraine Nicoletti 
Elizabeth Nolan 
Natasha and Henry Nordahl 
Beatrice and Robert North 
Melinda O’Brien 
Maureen O’Connell 
Brian O’Connor 
Kathleen O’Guin 
Sue Odierna 
Eric Ohlendorf 
Beth Olesky Olla
Philip Renee and James Olsson 
Diane Otter
Carolyn and Nicholas Pace 
Maureen Palumberi
Susan Paolercio 
Layla Paras 
Mary Paraskevaides 
Maura Kaschube Poa and Deidre Winters
Brency Paulino 
Karyn Pellow 
Dom Pena 
Trina Pepe 
Alberto Pereda 
Leah and Harry Perkal 
Johanna Perlman  
Krish Pero 
Janie Petrizzo 
Kathryn Pettus 
Nancy Petty 
Michael Pflaum 
Michele Phelan 
Jackie Phelan 
Anna Pierdiluca 
Jeanne Pinder 
Sara and Richard Pinto 
Jonathan Platt 
Ali Plonchak 
Jacqueline Plumez 
Mildred Polera 
Jonathan Pollack 
Glenda Pollard 
Chevor Pompey 
Joanne Powers 
Lindsay and Justin Preftakes
Vassily Primakov 
Jason Prior 
Christine Pucca 
Lisa Purdy 
Margaret Pyle
Meiqi Qian 
Laura Quagliariello 
Delphine and Cristiano Quieti 
Sean Quinn 
Montserrat Quiroz 
Brian Rabinove 
Claudia Ramirez 
Suzi Randolph 
Johanna Redpath 
Anita Reed 
Jane Regan 
Tricia Reilly 
Rosemarie Reimann 
Rebecca Reisman
Doreen Reitano 
Elizabeth Reith 
Christine and David Reitman 
Louise and Stephen Rella 
Anna Reycraft 
Sarah and Sheldon Reynolds 
Rodney Reynolds 
Ersie Richardson 
Ada Rivera 
Omar Rivera 
Christine Robertson 
Cindy Rodriguez 
Roland Rogers 
Gladys Roman 
Nancy Rooney 
Jennifer Rosa 
Arlene Rosenblum and Robert Nemser 
Kathy Rosenthal
Jeff Ross
Doug Rossini 
Linda Roth-Jacobs and William Jacobs 
Nicholas Rouke 
Laura Ruddy 
Virginia Rupert 
Gail Russel 
Erin Ryan 
John Ryan 
Mary Ann Salomone 
Ellen Salvatore 
Siobhan Samuels 
Z.I. Sanchez 
Claire Santucci 
Harriet Savage 
Aine Schenk 
Amy Schiffrin 
Richard Schneyer 
Elanor Schoomer 
Raya Schludenrein 
Jane Scotti 
Pam Sebastian-Ridge 
Tomislav Segaric 
Carol Sellian 
Barbara Sengenberger 
EJ Sepp 
Joseph Sgammato 
Amelia and Ross Shapiro 
Elizabeth Sheehan 
Lauren Shigesake 
Helen Sichel 
Lynda Siegel 
Fabiana Silva 
Olinda and John Simon 
Roger Simon 
Eileen Slattery 
Adrienne Smith 
Jenna M Smith 
Catherine Smith 
Madeline Smith and Bill Elbery 
Nathaniel Smith 
Nadira Smith
Linda Snowman 
Suzanne and Van Snyder 
Jennifer So 
Alice and Leonard Sofia 
Jennifer Solimine 
Gail Solomon 
Sitong Song 
Christine and Thomas Spana 
Susan Sparks 
Lisa and David Spielvogel 
Timothy Spillane 
Ann Spindel 
Karen Spitz 
Susan Marie Stanton 
Jane Staunton 
Betsy Steers 
Barbara Stevenson 
Chester Straub 
Kavi Subramanian 
Scott Sumption 
Staci Sword 
Eamon Szilagyi 
Susan Ellen Tallo 
Jack Tamburri 
Lillian Tan 
Clay Tarica 
Candace and Frank Taubner 
Beatriz Tavares 
Emlyn Taveras 
Margaret Taylor 
Susan Taylor 
Susie Taylor 
Sandy Tenzer 
The Silk Road 
Arleen Thomas 
Aliya Thomas 
Toney, Toni and the Gang 
Marilyn Torres-Guidice 
Stephen Toth 
Maura Tracy 
Laurette Traina 
Katherine Trezza 
Valerie Tulotta 
Christopher J. Turek 
Linda Uellendahl 
Elisa and Christopher Ulto 
Inge Unger 
Judith and George Unis 
Carole Upshur 
Albert Van Ness
Alexis Ventre 
Bernadette Versace 
Demetra and James Versocki 
Christopher Vojta 
Sessa Von Richthofen 
Elizabeth Wagner and Terrance Hults 
James Walker 
Judith Walsh 
Patricia Warble 
Nick Weigand-Suminski 
Marian and Ray Weiss 
Richard C. Weissman 
Constance and Martin Welling 
Marlene and William Wertheim 
Kristen Whalen 
Marian Whitaker 
Robert White 
Thomas White 
Katherine Whiting 
Debra Whitman and Lawrence Lepelstat 
Herve Wiener 
Millicent Wilkinson 
Penny Willgerodt 
Nonie Williams and Saskia Krienke 
Nancy Wilson 
Victoria Winter  
Michael J. Witsch 
Lori Wolff 
Maudeen Woodton 
Gayle Wyckoff 
Lisa Wysocky 
Christine Yanolatos 
Gwynne Youngs 
Joanne Zach 
Nancy Zajac 
Barbara Zarou and Owen Berkowitz 
Stefan Zorich