Why Support The Picture House?

The Picture House Regional Film Center is more than a movie theater. It’s a place where…

THOUSANDS OF FILM GOERS have their eyes opened and their horizons expanded through film.

HUNDREDS OF NEIGHBORS – from White Plains to the Bronx – come together and fill local restaurants for Film Club and other special film events, boosting the local economy.

SCORES OF COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS partner with us to help elevate issues through film, and provide a thriving community hub for lower Westchester.

STUDENTS WORKING INDIVIDUALLY AND COLLABORATIVELY throughout the county build skills, find their voices and give back to their communities through Picture House filmmaking classes.

Just last year, members of the Girls, Inc. Leadership Council were able to raise awareness of domestic abuse through their filmmaking. In Yonkers, a marginalized student found confidence – and perhaps a dream – playing Thurgood Marshall in a Black History Month film. Filmmaking changed his view of history and, most importantly, of himself.

There is magic in the movies – and without your support, it just can’t happen.  As much as 65% of ticket revenue goes back to the film distributors, and 75% of the money we raise is restricted and can’t be used for basic operating costs like heat, electricity for the popcorn machine, or a bulb for the projector. So, when a program has great impact, but the grants don’t cover the need – your donations are what makes the difference.