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Launching The Picture House Ambassador Program with Hayley Atwell

by Sarah Soliman

Big things have been happening at The Picture House, and it was thrilling to finally share details about our new ambassador program with you last week. To catch you up if you missed it, we’re launching a program that will extend TPH’s reach by working with people who love film and want to see our independent theater thrive — and who can help us reach a broader audience. The ambassador program will expand awareness about The Picture House and our mission of building community around a shared love of film.

The inaugural ambassador is Hayley Atwell, an Olivier and Golden Globe-nominated actress whom you might recognize from television series like The Line of Beauty, The Pillars of the Earth, or Howards End and films like The Duchess and Blinded by the Light. There is also of course the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where you’ve seen her play the role of Peggy Carter in five feature films and four TV shows. From the world of superheroes, to British dramas adapted from some of the best books of all-time, to acclaimed theater productions, Hayley is an actress with incredible range who cares deeply not just about film, but the arts and storytelling overall, making her the perfect person to launch the ambassador program.

Here’s Hayley to tell you in her own words why working with The Picture House is meaningful to her. 

TPH members will get an opportunity to experience Hayley’s knowledge and love of film in a new Film Study for Adults called Hayley Selects. These four Zoom classes will feature films chosen by Hayley and a special guest, who will also join us to host a discussion. The first class will be on Sunday, February 6. The film is American Animals, and we’ll be joined by filmmaker Bart Layton. NPR said of American Animals and its director: “Stuffed with references to classic crime flicks, American Animals is British writer-director Bart Layton’s clever and assured bid to rival Stanley Kubrick and Quentin Tarantino.” 

There’s more to come with Hayley and the ambassador program, and we can’t wait to keep sharing it with you!