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More from Film Club guest Daniel Lombroso

by Laura deBuys

Last week at The Picture House Film Club with Marshall Fine, the topic was the first film produced by The Atlantic, White Noise. Our guest was director Daniel Lombroso, who, as a reporter for the Atlantic, spent four years reporting on and filming the alt-right. His stories of filming solo in groups of white supremacists were frightening (Lombroso is Jewish, his grandparents were Holocaust survivors); his journalistic insights on the motives, strength, and future of the alt-right were revealing. During the talk with Marshall, Daniel revealed that a follow-up story about Lauren Southern, one of the three alt-right figures at the heart of White Noise, would be coming out today in The Atlantic. And so it did. It’s an interesting read if you have seen the film and, if you haven’t, will inspire you to seek out this remarkable film when it begins streaming this Wednesday, October 21st.