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The Picture House and Community Partnerships

by Amy Cole

This past Thursday, we celebrated Earth Day, as we have in years past, with a free community screening of a movie addressing an important environmental issue in partnership with local non-profit organizations. This year, we teamed up with our friends from EcoPel and the Rotary Club to invite the public to watch Kiss the Ground, a documentary about regenerative agriculture and its role in combating climate change. While Earth Day movies are not always the most uplifting, they are consistently educational, eye-opening, and hopefully not only bring awareness to important ecological issues but spur action by audiences.  

Our annual Earth Day screening is just one example of how The Picture House works with community partners to amplify important societal issues. Through the years we have partnered with non-profits and community groups across all sectors, from mental health and social justice to racial and gender equity, voters rights, youth advocacy, food insecurity, and more. Non-profits – many with limited budgets – need creative ways to express their missions to garner support for their organizations. In other words, to tell an impactful story. Strong storytelling is also the basis for any great film. Great films, in turn, can change perspectives, initiate thoughtful discourse, tap into our empathy, and lead people to make a change.

Our partnerships with other mission-driven organizations are a point of pride for The Picture House and we look forward to continuing to do our small part to shine a light on their work to help make the world a better place for all of us.

Yes, movies are magical, but they also matter.