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“O Say Can You See?” Movies for the Fourth of July

by Amy Cole

Long holiday weekends like the Fourth of July are perfect for lazy days spent catching up with friends and family and nights that are made for movies. Whether you’re beating the heat in the cool, new air conditioning at The Picture House, streaming a family favorite at home, or maybe even setting up a make-shift theater in the backyard, our Staff Picks for Independence Day are the perfect complement to any fireworks display. 

In the Heights  (2021)
Independence Day is a perennial 4th of July favorite, but this year I’m going to watch In the Heights because it’s a timely and uplifting story about all sorts of American dreams and many forms of independence and well, Anthony Ramos! 
Laura deBuys, President and Executive Director 

Glory  (1989)
Edward Zwick’s incredible Civil War drama about the first all-black Army regiment, made of freedmen and freedom-seeking volunteers, teaches us parts of history often overlooked (and often suppressed). While the story is very loosely based on truth it still inspires us with its story of the many, many people who gave their all for freedom. 
Clayton Bushong, Director of Programming and Business Development 

Jaws (1975)
Why not give your next visit to the beach an edge? Not necessarily patriotic, but with stellar acting and directing, it’s a classic movie set on July 4th that’s always worth revisiting. And who can forget that theme music?
Francile Albright, Deputy Director and Director of Education 

1776   (1972)
A film that always comes to my mind is 1776.  The film was released in 1972 and is an adaptation of a Broadway musical.  The plot follows the Founding Fathers leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  While there are a few moments that might make the film slightly inappropriate for younger kids, a family could definitely get together and enjoy this film while learning a little bit about history (plus the songs are very catchy).
Tim Brisson, Theater Manager

Independence Day  (1996)
Independence Day is one of those movies that whenever it’s on—no matter how many times I’ve seen it or even if I catch it in the middle—I’ll watch it again, especially on the 4th of July. Classic Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum moments and great aliens—who could ask for more? 
Victoria Sunko, Controller