The Marquee

What’s happening at The Picture House


by Amy Cole

The Picture House joins others around the world in celebrating Pride Month and with it the LBGTQ+ community. While Hollywood has been painfully slow in telling the stories of LBGTQ+ people, there have been some notable exceptions in recent years with movies like MoonlightCall Me By Your Name, and Carol finding critical acclaim and wide recognition. Unarguably, more progress needs to be made. As a film center dedicated to amplifying diverse points of view, we will continue to highlight films that represent the LBGTQ+ experience on screen, not just in June, but all year long.

Let’s hear from you. What movies will you be watching and sharing to celebrate Pride and why are they meaningful to you? Email us at and we’ll share your picks on our social media channels.

We’ll start with two selections from past and present Picture House staffers:

Rocketman was actually a cool representation of a queer identity and I watched it for the first time with my boyfriend, so I would say that has a lot of meaning to me. Ben Jones

The Kids Are All Right is a funny, honest, brilliantly acted film that lovingly exemplifies that families come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Love is Love. Shut the front door! Chad Newman