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Pride Month on The Marquee: LGBTQ Films for the Family

by Sarah Soliman

This Pride Month, bring the whole family together to celebrate the joy of being true to oneself! These films are great choices to watch year-round, but during Pride Month they are also a reminder of why Pride exists — so that everyone, young and old, can be themselves, experience love, and find joy.

There have recently been an influx of short films with LGBTQ themes and many are kid-friendly! Here are a few:

Short Films for Kids


In this animated short, a gay man is struggling to come out to his parents when he suddenly swaps bodies with his dog. (Streaming on Disney+)


A young woman goes on a series of adventures and overcomes obstacles to reach the home of her girlfriend in this delightful animated fairy tale. (Streaming on Hulu)

Sweetheart Dancers

This eye-opening documentary explores the relationship between two Two-Spirit powwow dancers whose love for one another and dedication to returning Native traditions to an era where are all people were respected is inspiring for all ages. (Streaming on YouTube)

Feature Films

The Mitchells vs. the Machines (PG) — Fun for the Whole Family

Sometimes my favorite queer representation is in the movies I wouldn’t typically think of as “queer films,” and that’s what I love about The Mitchells vs. the Machines. Lead character Katie is queer, but this is just one element to her creative, industrious, filmmaking character. 

Katie’s family is driving her to her first day of college, and as she and her dad struggle to bond, the world is taken over by disgruntled electronic devices. Suddenly the family must save the world, while also finding ways to respect the differences that make one another unique. This movie is a delight for the whole family — warm, hilarious, and with top-notch animation — and it’s all led by an awesome queer teenager who is sure to become an inspiration to many kids. (Streaming on Netflix)

Love, Simon (PG-13) — For Middle School/High School

Teen love stories are a well-populated genre and it’s wonderful to see more queer stories popping up in this genre.

This sweet, funny film follows Simon, a 17-year-old who hasn’t yet come out to his friends or family. But when he starts to fall for an anonymous classmate online, a series of events begin which may change his life — and may even help him find love. (Available to rent on Amazon Prime, Apple, Google Play, YouTube)

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (R) — for Older Teens

The awkward, confusing, joyful experiences of first love get center stage in this ‘90s classic, when two teenage girls fall in love.

When working class Randy befriends popular Evie, they seem like an unlikely match. But as they both tentatively explore their growing feelings for one another, while also contending with family dynamics and high school struggles, they find a funny and heartwarming love that will make your spirit soar.

This film does include a tasteful sex scene and some nudity, but for mature teens it’s a wonderful introduction to both ‘90s indie films and queer teen stories. (Available to rent on Amazon Prime, Apple, Google Play, YouTube)

LGBTQ+ folks exist at all ages, and celebrating the stories of queer kids with the kids and teens in your life is a wonderful reminder to everyone that all people are welcome and loved!

Adrienne Frank has worked for a variety of independent film exhibitors across the country as a programmer, educator, and event planner. She currently works as the Film Programming Coordinator at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasanvtille, NY