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Ana Adore

NR | 1 Hour and 10 Minutes | Adam Gonzalez

Ana Adore

John, a freelance photographer from New York, recovers from a bad breakup by becoming the owner of a seductive android named Ana. Overtime he starts to realize that not everything is what it seems and that the artificial is starting to become real. This film showcases the mistreatment of women but told as a scifi drama feature film.

Directed By: Adam Gonzalez
Starring: Marc Reign, Bianca Hailey, Wilma Rivera & Gezim Camaj
Co-Starring: Vanessa Bontea, Rob Ulaj, Yaya Vargas, Carlos Lebron, Tiara Francis
Written/Produced By: Adam Gonzalez, Damian Bastar & Gezim Camaj
Soundtrack By: Adam Gonzalez & Jorge Ivan Naranjo
Sound/Boom Operator: Jose Troverso
Makeup: Belkis Rodriguez
Visual FX: Adam Gonzalez & Malobe Sampson II
Assistant Director: Ed Szamborski, Damian Bastar & Gezim Camaj
Featured Artwork: Meli Tabares Ramirez
Filmed & Edited By: Adam Gonzalez