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Spectacular Special Effects

by admin

On Monday we shared a link to a video highlighting the work (and team work!) that goes on behind the scenes to create special effects for Marvel movies. Keeping with that theme, today we are sharing two short films that demonstrate exceptional and creative use of special effects.

The first, Superman with a GoPro, is a fun short film for anyone of any age, especially for special effects fans. If you’ve recently invested in a drone camera or a GoPro, you’ll appreciate the creative use of both. There are lots of special effects to identify for younger students, which helps them practice sorting fact from fiction. And while the main focus is on the fun effects, the filmmakers didn’t forget to write in a motivation for the character and give enough story details for a satisfying ending. 

The second film, Alive in Joburg, is appropriate for students in high school or above. This is the short film that launched Neill Blomkamp’s directing career, and was the inspiration for the critically acclaimed feature film District 9. This is a gritty take on what an alien landing might have looked like in 1990. Set in an imaginary South Africa where aliens have landed and taken up residence, Alive in Joburg poses as a documentary intent on examining how life has changed for residents there, interchanging interviews with realistic special effects. 

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Superman with a GoPro

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Alive in Joburg

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