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Summer Film Challenge #5 and Challenge #4 Winner

by Francile Albright

Low Budget, Big Effect

This week we’re challenging budding filmmakers to be creative AND resourceful — you don’t need a big budget to get Hollywood effects. Summer Challenge #5 asks you to make a short video using simple household items and DIY engineering.
What You’ll Need

  1. Any camera, iPhone, or iPad. 
  1. iMovie app (free to download) or any editing app or software, if you wish to edit.

Challenge Rules
In this challenge, you’ll create simple, low-budget effects using just your camera and items you can find around the house. Videos should be 1 minute or less. Your video can be one effect, or a compilation of several effects. Extra points for adding music and/or sound effects. Follow the links under To Get Started for easy examples. Have fun experimenting!

To Get Started
1) Check out these short videos and try to replicate these effects with tools you have at home.
Karen X. Cheng Video 1:
Karen X. Cheng Video 2:
2) For a tutorial on how to add music in iMovie, click here: 

To Submit Your Video
Save your finished video and send to no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, August 24th. The winning video(s) will be shared via email and TPH social media on Wednesday, August 26th. All videos submitted by the deadline will be included in our Student Showcase in September. Please include Film Challenge #5 in the subject line, and include in the body of the email your first name and grade. 

Camera Effects: 3 Tricks

Enjoy, and don’t forget to submit your finished video by 5:00 pm on Monday, August 24th to!

We Have a Winner!

In our fourth Summer Film Challenge, Documentary Filmmaking — Stories from Quarantine, we asked participants to hone in on their storytelling skills by making a documentary video about the quarantine experience. The winning video is My Photography Journal: An Autobiographical Film by Malia Otondi. Congratulations to Malia and thank you to everyone who participated!

My Photography Journal: An Autobiographical Film, by Malia Otondi