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The Arts Are Alive and Well in Westchester

by Laura deBuys

The Picture House was thrilled to receive the Arts Organization Award for 2023 from ArtsWestchester. On April 19, the TPH team and I attended the Arts Award Luncheon. It’s wonderful to be recognized, of course, but to be recognized in this vibrant Westchester arts landscape is doubly thrilling – and humbling.

ArtsWestchester has over 140 affiliate organizations — and when see many of them in the same room and hear about the work these artists and organizations are doing it’s truly inspiring. Two-time Grammy Award winner Samara Joy was honored and cited the access she had to the arts in Westchester as an important influence as she was growing up. Photography, film, dance, music, painting, sculpture, and more were represented… and it’s all here right outside our doors. 

ArtsWestchester is the agency responsible for distributing county money allocated by the County Board of Legislators. They do this and so much more. They encourage artists and organizations like ours; they promote our work; they raise interest in and awareness of the role the arts play in making our communities ever-more livable and our economies buzzing.

Go to their website! Become a member — or just browse the site. You’ll feel as we did when leaving the luncheon — very lucky to be living and working in Westchester!